This subscription box for men is the perfect holiday gift

No matter what you're into, Bespoke Post has a box for you

This monthly subscription box for men delivers variety and value. Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

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If you’ve ever looked into subscription boxes tailored specifically toward men, chances are that Bespoke Post is on your radar. This monthly subscription service is one of the most popular choices for gents (which is only fair considering how many women-focused subscription boxes are available), and naturally, we wanted to test it out to see if it’s worth the hype—and the money.

My boyfriend was kind enough to volunteer his services to test out the Bespoke Post Aged Box, and we had a great time discovering everything this subscription box had to offer.

What is Bespoke Post?

What Is It
Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

Bespoke Post is a high-end monthly subscription box for men.

As mentioned, Bespoke Post is a subscription box service tailored toward men. Membership costs $45 per month, but if you don’t want to commit just yet, you can also purchase any of their boxes individually for a higher price.

What makes Bespoke Post unique is that they offer several different themed boxes every month. There are typically options focused on traveling, cooking, skincare, mixology, and more, effectively catering to men of all interests. Each box contains a curated array of products, all of which are high-quality and designed to be used together.


Here are a few of the boxes Bespoke Post is offering this month.

At the beginning of each month, Bespoke Post sends members an email with your box’s details, and you can totally customize your experience. If you don’t like the box recommended, you can pick a different one, and you can also customize styles and colors with certain products. Or, if none of the options tickle your fancy, you can skip the month altogether. Plus, there’s no commitment necessary for Bespoke Post, and you can cancel any time.

What’s in the Aged Box?

What's Included
Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

The Aged Box came with a cocktail aging kit, as well as two bar glasses.

For testing, my boyfriend opted to receive the Aged Box. (Personally, I wanted the Over Easy Box, which includes everything you need to make pancakes, but my choice was vetoed.) The Aged box is designed to help you transform liquor or cocktails through a sped-up aging process, giving the alcohol a rich, woody flavor.

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When we received the box, here’s what was inside:

Right off the bat, we were impressed by the quality of all the products in the Bespoke Post box. Just the two cups are worth more than the box itself, as they’re made from hand-blown crystal glass, and they’ll make a beautiful addition to any bar cart. All the other supplies seemed well-made, too, and we were excited to try out the kit.

How do you use the Aged Box?

How Does It Work
Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

To use the kit, you add unflavored alcohol to the bottle with the charred oak stave.

Using the Aged Box is fairly simple: All you have to do is put one of the honeycomb staves into an unaged liquor or a “spirit-forward” cocktail, such as a Manhattan, Negroni, or Martini. The whole idea is that the charred oak wood (the same type used to make whisky barrels) will give the alcohol a smoother, aged flavor.

We decided to test the kit out with some Hendrick’s gin—my boyfriend’s favorite. We dropped the stave into the included bottle, poured in enough gin to cover the stick, then put in the stopper. From there, all that was left to do was place the bottle in a dark, cool location for a few weeks to let the aging process take place.

The whole process was really straightforward, but my one (small) note is that it would have been nice if the kit came with a funnel to help get the alcohol into the small-neck bottle a little easier.

The result: Delicious, flavorful gin!

Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

After two weeks, our gin was sufficiently flavored!

The instructions recommend waiting at least 10 days for your alcohol to get maximum flavor, and we did it one better, waiting a full two weeks. Over the course of the aging period, we periodically checked in on the gin, and it was fun to watch it take on a dark amber hue.

Finally, we removed the bottle from its resting spot and cracked it open. The gin definitely had a more woody aroma, and upon tasting it, I said it reminded me of burnt pine trees—mm! In all seriousness, the gin had developed a slightly smoother flavor, and my boyfriend seemed to like it.

However, the real test was whether it could get my father’s seal of approval, as he’s the real connoisseur. We brought the alcohol to dinner with my parents, and my dad happily sampled our fare. He was impressed with the rich aroma of the gin—he has special glasses that amplify the tasting notes of liquor—and while he said the flavor wasn’t as pronounced, he still enjoyed the result and said it would be a great digestif. In fact, he asked if he could keep what was left of the bottle, so it had to be good!

The instructions say you can use each stave between four to six times, so we’re looking forward to experimenting with other alcohols and even some pre-mixed cocktails.

Is Bespoke Post worth it?

Credit: Reviewed / Camryn Rabideau

We had fun using the Bespoke Post Aged Box.

At $45 per month, Bespoke Post is definitely more expensive as subscription boxes go, but we were impressed by everything it had to offer. The contents of our box were all top-notch in terms of quality, and we had a great time using the Aged Box.

When I asked my boyfriend what he thought about Bespoke Post, he said it was cool and he liked that they have a wide selection of boxes that change each month. However, he said he probably wouldn’t pay for it himself. Because he enjoyed using the Aged Box, I think it would make a great gift for him—though I won’t be able to do that because he’s going to read this article and effectively ruin the surprise.

One of our close friends also uses Bespoke Post, and I asked him what he likes about it: “I’ve subscribed to Bespoke Post for unique and well-made products, and I’ve really enjoyed their painless and customer-friendly subscription service,” he said. “Every month comes with various options, which you’re free to swap out or skip depending on what’s provided. From clothing to office accessories to family gifts, I come back to Bespoke Post all the time and will continue to do so!”

Overall, if you’re looking for a subscription box to gift to a man in your life, Bespoke Post is definitely the way to go. Because they offer a variety of themed boxes each month, you can rest assured they’ll have something that caters to his unique interests, and we can confidently confirm the boxes include high-quality products (no junk!), so it’s worth the price.

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