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The 12 best places to buy roller skates

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Left: Impala Blue Skates; Right: Moxi Rainbow Skates Credit: Impala / Moxi

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If you’ve been on social media lately—particularly TikTok—there’s a very good chance that you’ve seen more than a few folks flaunting their roller skating skills. It’s not just professional skaters doing so, either. In a truly playful blast from the past, quad skates are back and better than ever. Wish you could skate? Good news: There are hundreds of videos on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube that teach you how to do just that.

In addition to learning how to skate forward and backward, and eventually nailing those sick tricks, you’ll want to ensure that you have the perfect skates to move in. After all, without proper stability and a touch of style, what’s the point? With that in mind, we scoured the web for the best places to buy roller skates. These retailers not only offer high-quality roller skates in a variety of sizes, but they come with expert advice, so you can pick the perfect pair and know how to get your blade on.

1. Roller Skate Nation

Roller Skate Nation Roller Skates
Credit: Roller Skate Nation

You can turn your favorite sneakers into skates at Roller Skate Nation.

Our favorites: Custom Mounted Skates—$70 and VNLA Parfait Outdoor Roller Skates—$159.99 Sizes: 1-11 Prices: 💫💫-💫💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

Roller Skate Nation is a fantastic place to shop for roller skates thanks to its huge selection. Whether you’re looking for adjustable or size-specific skates, you can find them here. The retailer also offers indoor and outdoor skates in both low- and high-top versions. Best of all, Roller Skate Nation lets you create custom skates if you so choose. This means that if Vans or Doc Martens are your all-time favorite shoes, they can be fitted with wheels to become your go-to skates, too.

Shop Roller Skates at Roller Skate Nation

2. Impala

Impala Roller Skates
Credit: Impala

Impala knows a thing or two about creating picture-perfect skates.

Our favorites: Harmony Blue Impala Quad Skate—$119.95 and Holographic Impala Quad Skate—$99.95 Sizes: 1-14 Prices: 💫💫💫 **Return/Exchange Policy: Accepted at any point so long as the product is in new condition, with packaging

Some of the most Instagram-worthy roller skates on the market come from Impala. The problem is, since Impala roller skates are so trendy, they often sell out. Thankfully, the brand makes it easy for shoppers by regularly listing their restocked styles front and center on its website. There are only 12 styles available for roller skates specifically, but if they’re sold out, you can also choose from a selection of inline skate, skateboards, protective gear, and skate accessories to maintain the retro state of mind. Getting on skates for the first time? Impala has a whole page devoted to trick tips where you can watch videos filled with expert advice for getting your roll on.

This brand teds to sell out quickly, but you can also find some styles on Amazon.

Shop for roller skates at Impala

3. Amazon

Amazon Rollerskates
Credit: Amazon

Thanks to Amazon Prime, you can start enjoying your skates in just two days.

Our favorites: Circle Society Classic Adjustable Indoor and Outdoor Childrens Roller Skates—$49.81 and Skate Gear Classic Quad Faux Leather Roller Skates—$52.99 Sizes: Dependent on the brand Prices: 💫-💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: Returns are accepted by brand policy

Amazon sells pretty much everything, including roller skates, and quickly, too, thanks to Prime shipping. With a wide array of roller skates to choose from, shoppers can outfit the entire family. What’s more, Amazon offers a variety of different brands, so shoppers can enjoy more affordable skates or use the platform to quickly snag a pair of popular Moxi roller skates or Roller Derby skates—both of which commonly sell out on their own sites, making Amazon your best bet to find them.

As with shopping for anything on Amazon, we’d like to remind you to be wary of third-party sellers, which aren’t completely reliable and could sell fraudulent products. To alleviate this problem, double-check that a product is “shipped by Amazon” below the price and read reviews to suss out any previous issues shoppers have had.

Shop for roller skates at Amazon

4. SkatePro

SkatePro Rollerskates
Credit: SkatePro

Rainbows and bold hues? We love to see it.

Our favorites: Chaya Melrose Elite V2 Roller Skates—$179.95 and Rio Roller Signature Roller Skates—$139.95 Sizes: 1-13 Prices: 💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 365 days

At SkatePro, you can choose your roller skates based on what you’re planning on using them for. Whether you’re looking for freeskates, off-road skates, endurance skates, or derby skates, SkatePro can help you find the perfect pair. Unlike some other retailers on this list, its trendy options go beyond Moxi and Impala, extending into brands like Chaya, SFR, and Rio. One look at their colorful skates and you’re sure to want to buy a pair.

Shop for roller skates at SkatePro

5. Moxi

Moxi Roller Skates
Credit: Moxi

Bring the '70s back to life with these trendy skates.

Our favorites: Moxi Panther Skate—$229 and Moxi Rainbow Rider—$109 Sizes: 1-10 Prices: 💫💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

Moxi Skates are one of the original roller skate brands and are popular for a reason. Moxi’s roller skates are available in over 30 hues, all of which regularly sell out. Luckily, these skates are sold by a number of retailers, so if you can’t find your dream pair at Moxi, you still might be able to snag a pair of the coveted colorful skates. The brand also helps shoppers achieve the roller skating lifestyle with its YouTube channel, which shows the basics of skating as well as new product offerings.

Shop for roller skates at Moxi

6. Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill Roller Skates
Credit: Dolls Kill

Dolls Kill will help you make a statement with your skates.

Our favorites: Sugar Thrillz Groovy Galaxy Roller Skates—$94.40 and Sugar Thrillz Derby Daze Denim Roller Skates—$94.40 Sizes: 5-11 Prices: 💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

Dolls Kill is a good retailer where you can find popular Impala skates, and the online boutique also stocks a selection of Sugar Thrillz skates and C7skates. While its selection of brands is rather limited, Dolls Kill often still has roller skate brands that frequently sell out at other retailers, making it a great backup for folks looking to snag a pair of trendy, TikTok-worthy skates.

Shop Roller Skates at Dolls Kill

7. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters
Credit: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a great place to shop for trendy, high-end skate brands.

Our favorites: Roller Derby Candi Grl Quad Roller Skate—$109 and Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates—$229 Sizes: 4-10 Prices: 💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

Given Urban Outfitters’ knack for all things trendy, it makes sense that the retailer offers a selection of skates for shoppers—albeit a small one. The lifestyle brand stocks Moxi roller skates, as well as a few from brands like Roller Derby, C7, and Candi Grl. But if you’re hoping to shop for skates and a cute outfit to match, Urban Outfitters is a great place to shop.

Shop for roller skates at Urban Outfitters

8. Bruised Boutique

Bruised Boutique
Credit: Bruised Boutique

Bruised Boutique offers a rainbow of skate styles to choose from.

Our favorites: Sure-Grip Stardust Skate—$219.95 and Sure-Grip Key Lime Boardwalk Skate—$249 Sizes: 3-11 Prices: 💫💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 14 days

If you want to compare different skates while you shop, Bruised Boutique is a great option. It has a wide selection of Impala and Moxi roller skates, along with glitter, printed, and solid styles from other brands. Bruised Boutique is also a one-stop-shop for all the accessories you’ll need to stay safe while skating, including the highly-rated Triple 8 helmets.

Shop for roller skates at Bruised Boutique

9. Roller Derby

Roller Derby Roller Skates
Credit: Roller Derby

Roller Derby has styles for the entire family.

Our favorites: Candi Grl Sabina Women’s Freestyle Roller Skates—$79.99 and Glidr Sneaker Skate—$109.99 **Sizes: 5-14 Prices: 💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

Roller Derby is home to Roller Derby skates and includes the brand’s offshoot Candi Grl roller skates. So, whether you’re hoping to style a pair of the pastel suede Candi Grl quads or rock a pair of sneaker-inspired skates, Roller Derby can help outfit you. Need some help with blade tricks? Roller Derby also has an informational YouTube channel where you can see the roller skates in action.

Shop for roller skates at Roller Derby

10. Zumiez

Zumiez Skates
Credit: Zumiez

Zumiez is a skate shop so it's only fitting that they sell roller skates, too.

Our favorites:Impala Leopard Roller Skates—$109.95 and Impala Aqua Roller Skates—$99.95 Sizes: 4-11 Prices: 💫💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

Love Impala skates but constantly find them sold out on its site? Zumiez is your next best option. The skate shop is known to carry a selection of Impala skates, so you might be able to find a pair there. While the store doesn’t carry the entire selection of Impala roller skates offering, it does tend to keep a handful of styles stocked, as well as coordinating wheels should you need a replacement.

Shop for roller skates at Zumiez

11. Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick's Roller Skates
Credit: Dick's

Dick's is a great place to shop for beginner skates.

Our favorites: Roller Derby Girls' Firestar Quad Roller Skates—$28.99 and Epic Splash Quad Roller Skates—$79.99 Sizes: 1-13 Prices: 💫-💫💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

While Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t have a massive roller skate selection, it does have a few men’s, women’s, boys’, girls’, and unisex options. Although Dick’s isn’t a major source of skates, meaning its offerings have fewer reviews than you might expect, the majority of the skates they offer are from top brands like Roller Derby, Circle Society, and Chicago Skates.

Shop for roller skates at Dick’s Sporting Goods

12. Walmart

Walmart Roller Skates
Credit: Walmart

Just starting out? Walmart will help you stock up on introductory roller skates.

Our favorites: Roller Derby FireStar Youth Girl's Roller Skate—$29.88 and Chicago Boys' Quad Roller Skates Black/Red/Blue Sidewalk Skates—$48.34 Sizes: 1-12 Prices: 💫 Return/Exchange Policy: 90 days

Walmart is a great place to shop for starter roller skates, as many of its offerings are notably less expensive than retailers like Impala or Moxi. That said, the majority of the styles are geared toward kids, so it may require a bit more digging to find proper adult styles on the site. But if your main goal is to kickstart your (or your child’s) skating habit, Walmart is here to help.

Shop for roller skates at Walmart

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