21 top-rated raincoats people swear by

These fall jackets are great for layering and keeping you dry.

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A truly great raincoat is hard to find. Many keep water out—but trap heat and sweat in, making the wearer feel soggy in a different way. Others provide ample air flow, but don’t help the wearer stay dry in any rain harder than a light sprinkle. It’s hard to find a solution for someone who wants to stay dry, warm-but-not-hot, and stylish, too.

We’re here to help. We hunted down fantastic raincoats from around the web that will be sure to keep women, men, kids, and pets free of all unwanted moisture this fall.

For women

For a simple-yet-sturdy coat that holds up to serious rain

Credit: Charles River

This simple raincoat is sure to work for anyone.

The Charles River New Englander rain jacket has an enthusiastic fan base on Amazon—over 3,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars. According to its reviewers, this is due to its zippered and fleece-lined pockets, mesh lining, matte polyurethane coating, and a sporty but not overly casual look that looks great on a campsite or on the sidelines of a kids’ soccer game.

“This jacket has everything you'd want in a rain jacket,” writes one reviewer. “Windproof, (seriously) waterproof, breathability, zipper from either direction (was nice feature when riding a horse!), zippered pockets, reflective stripe, drawstring, a nice inner mesh lining, etc. A year and a half later, and it still is as waterproof today as it was when I first got it.”

Reviewers also love that the jacket, available in sizes XS to 3X, is accommodating of people of many different body types and shapes. It comes in 21 colors, too.

Get the Charles River New Englander on Amazon for $41 to $59.99

For hikes, camping, and outdoor fun

Credit: Columbia

Reviewers love the versatility of this Columbia jacket.

The Columbia Arcadia II is one of the highest-rated rain jackets on Amazon, with the majority of its 2,014 reviewers giving it five stars. Among the raincoat’s reviews, customers write that it is fully waterproof, even in “soaking” rains, is lightweight yet roomy enough to wear over a sweater if you need more warmth.

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“This jacket is a great value,” writes one customer. “I bought it specifically for Iceland as an outer shell and it surpassed my expectations. It was both wind and waterproof.”

While this Columbia jacket is well suited for rugged outdoor activities, it works just as well for a rainy Sunday afternoon of erranding around town.

It comes in 29 colors, including red, teal, white, yellow, and more, and in women’s sizes XS to 3X.

Get the Columbia Women’s Arcadia II on Amazon for $39.99 to $133

For a touch of UK glamour

Credit: Joules

This jacket provides a chic spin on a classically nautical look.

This waterproof jacket from British brand Joules Coast has a lot of fans on Nordstrom—and taking a look at the near-perfect reviews, it’s easy to see why. “Some waterproof coats make you feel like you’re wearing a portable sauna,” writes one reviewer. “Not this one! Perfect for keeping the rain at bay.”

“I bought this jacket last week and since then at least 20 people complimented how beautiful it is,” writes another. “It’s very comfortable and the colour (sic) is absolutely wonderful. Best buy of the year, I think.”

The navy-colored jacket has a boxy fit, zipper-and-button enclosure, and a striped navy interior, which lends it an extra touch of nautical whimsy. It comes in women’s sizes 2 to 16 and three colors.

Get the Joules Coast Waterproof Jacket from Nordstrom for $139.95

For a minimalist look on dreary days

Credit: Everlane

This anorak is sure to garner many compliments.

This Everlane City anorak is a must for anyone who likes a clean, pared-down look (an appropriate description for most of Everlane’s offerings). The anorak, which has 4.57 stars out of 5, is a customer favorite, thanks to its water-resistant polyester shell, zipper and snap closing, and large hood.

“This is a great jacket for wet weather,” writes one reviewer. “It looks and feels great and keeps me dry. The hood is roomy but lays flat when not needed. Folds for easy packing and looks awesome instead of a wrinkled mess like some coats end up.”

I own the anorak as well, and I love it. But it’s more water-resistant than truly waterproof. This means it will keep you dry in a light-to-medium shower, but if you’re anticipating a torrential downpour, bring an umbrella along, too. Still, it’s got a matte, streamlined look that doesn’t immediately identify it as a raincoat, so it’s a nice option to wear when you aren’t sure if it’s going to rain and still want to look stylish.

It’s available in women’s sizes XS to XL.

Get the Everlane City Anorak from Everlane for $88

For a sporty-yet-sharp jacket

Credit: Patagonia

This Patagonia jacket is proven to hold up against moisture.

Patagonia’s Torrentshell jacket has a thoughtful, detailed design with features you might not realize you even want (or need) until you have them, like soft microfleece around the neck, a visor on the hood to help slough off rain drops, and handwarmer pockets and armpit zippers to help ensure the temperature is to your liking.

The jacket also has a stellar recommendation as far as waterproofing goes from someone who tested it to the extreme. “I took an outdoors wilderness first aid medicine course during the pouring rain. I literally laid in an inch puddle for more than 20 minutes,” she writes. “I was completely (LITERALLY) dry when I came inside and removed the jacket.”

It’s available in women’s sizes XS to XL and 10 colors.

Get the Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket from REI for $89.99

For a professional look at a steal

Credit: Fisoul

The interior details on this jacket lend it a nice extra touch.

This Fisoul raincoat has a polished look that makes it easy to wear to and from an office, but still protects against the rain—all for about $40. One reviewer writes that they first tried the jacket during a light sprinkle that turned into a “sudden downpour.” Fortunately, “the jacket worked great, my clothes didn’t get soaked and the water floated just on top of the fabric.”

The jacket also has rollable sleeves with a snap to keep them in place, a striped blue lining, and 16 colors, such as red, yellow, and blue. It comes in women’s sizes S to XXL.

Get the FISOUL Lightweight raincoat on Amazon for $24.32 to $45.49

For men

A versatile, sporty all-seasons jacket

Credit: Columbia

This go-anywhere jacket is a great bet for fall.

Columbia’s Watertight raincoat has great features that make it a favorite of many of its 3,882 reviewers. Its waterproof nylon shell helps keep wearers completely dry, no matter the conditions. It also has a handy pocket that the jacket can be folded into for easy storage.

One reviewer thinks it’s the most “versatile” rain jacket he’s ever tried, writing that he’s used it for fishing trips, as a protective shield on rainy summer days, and an extra layer over sweaters and sweatshirts in the fall and winter. Best of all, “the matte finish and the slick look ensure that no one knows you are using a rain jacket as a spring/fall windbreaker,” he writes.

You're also likely to find the fit and look you're after, as it comes in men’s sizes small to 4X and 33 colors.

Get the Columbia Men’s Watertight Jacket on Amazon for $32.35 to $168

For weather protection during outside adventures

Credit: The North Face

This North Face jacket is great for a variety of activities.

The North Face Venture II is fully waterproof, protects against wind, and has zippable vents on the sleeves for extra airflow on a warm but drippy day.

“This is everything I wanted in a jacket,” writes one reviewer. “I will wear this to ski, hike and explore the city with my kids. I like to layer and this jacket works perfectly alone, with a vest, with a fleece or with a down jacket underneath.”

It’s available in men’s sizes S to XXL and six colors.

Get the North Face Venture II Raincoat from Nordstrom for $99

For a coat that provides style and water protection

Credit: Everlane

This jacket is sure to be a minimalist's BFF.

The ReNew All-Weather jacket is windproof, water resistant, and made from recycled plastic bottles. It also has the streamlined style that’s typical of Everlane’s clothes, with a hidden two-way zipper and smooth hood. Though, like the women’s anorak, it’s not completely waterproof, reviewers say it holds up well enough against rain.

“Really what I was looking for. It fits perfectly,” writes a reviewer. “Tried it during rain, and not even a drop got through. I’m glad I bought it.”

The All-Weather jacket is available in men’s sizes XS to XL and three colors.

Get the Everlane ReNew All-Weather Jacket from Everlane for $88

For a fashionable and hike-ready jacket

Credit: Patagonia

Take this jacket from a hike to the office to a night out.

Want a raincoat you can wear straight from the office to a hike? If so, you’ll want the Patagonia Torrentshell, which is a favorite among REI reviewers for its impressive combination of waterproofing ability and classic, sporty style.

“It's stood the test of Pacific Northwest rainforest hikes and torrential Midwestern thunderstorms, and I haven't had it soak through once,” writes one reviewer.

It’s available in men’s sizes XS to XXL and 10 colors.

Get the Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell Jacket from REI for $89.99

For a waterproof jacket that works in warm and cold weather

Credit: Frogg Toggs

This bomber-style jacket keeps wearers warm and dry.

Amazon reviewers love this no-frills bomber-style jacket from Frogg Toggs, which has roomy pockets, snap-shut storm flaps, and an adjustable hood. In addition to keeping wearers dry, its breathable material also prevents things from getting too sweaty inside the jacket.

“I've just worn it through the rainy season in central New York and, together with the matching pants, it kept me dry as a bone,” writes a reviewer. “I also, for testing purposes, wore it yesterday when it was 78 degrees and was very comfortable.”

It comes in men’s sizes S to XXXL and eight colors.

Get the Frogg Toggs Classic Action Pockets on Amazon for $9.64 to $67.79

For a budget and style-friendly coat

Credit: Gioberti

The Gioberti raincoat provides a polished-but-not-prissy look.

Gioberti isn’t as recognizable a brand name as Patagonia and The North Face. But its men’s rain jacket is something of a sleeper hit on Amazon, with 871 almost-all-positive reviews.

“This jacket is AMAZING,” writes a reviewer. “I finally had the chance to wear it while it was pouring down rain. It was 40 degrees F out and it was a 20-minute cycling work commute and this kept my upper body perfectly dry! I am so happy!”

Other reviewers love that the jacket blocks wind in addition to rain, is lightweight and easy to fold up, and keeps the wearer insulated without overheating.

It’s available in men’s sizes S to XXL and 12 colors.

Get the Gioberti Men’s Waterproof Rain Jacket on Amazon for $24.99

For anyone

SaphiRose for a classy, reusable poncho

Credit: SaphiRose

Ponchos don't have to be disposable—this one is proof.

Like the flexibility of a poncho, but don’t love its plastic-wrap feel? Give the SaphiRose poncho a go. Amazon reviewers like that it’s made from an umbrella-like material, meaning it’s truly waterproof. It's also easy to fold up and place in bags when it isn’t needed.

“Just like an umbrella, you don't need to worry about waterproofing it down the road, because it won't need it. It is very supple, and the water just rolls off,” writes one reviewer. “It is definitely plenty roomy. I can put it on over my backpack purse, and everything stays dry. I think this was probably one of my better purchases.”

The one-size-fits-all sizing fits a wide range of bodies and with nearly 40 colors to choose from, you'll find your style in the mix.

Get the SaphiRose Poncho on Amazon for $21.99

For a cool collegiate look

Credit: Charles River

A quarter-zip pullover is a great way to look cool and stay dry.

The Charles River pullover casual rain jacket looks great and performs well on a hike, on a college campus, or out and about in a city. It has a preppy-looking three-quarter zipper, a light flannel lining, and is made of a thin material that reviewers say keeps out rain but also allows for a sweater or even another jacket underneath for extra insulation.

“With the weather in Chicago in October I needed a rain jacket for when I put up my Halloween display,” writes one reviewer. “It did the job and then some. It’s lined all the way though which is super soft, the hood stayed on, had a middle pocket that closes with Velcro, and a center pocket that is deep enough so things don’t fall out if you bend over.”

It’s available in men’s sizes XS to 5X but reviewers say the jacket runs big, so it’s a good idea to size down if you’re between sizes. It comes in 22 colors.

Get the Charles River pullover on Amazon for $29.83 to $45.47

For a pullover to wear if your outdoor workout can’t wait

Credit: Baleaf

You won't get soaked on rainy runs anymore, thanks to this athlete-friendly jacket.

Another great option for a unisex pullover is the Baleaf rain jacket, which many reviewers love for outdoor athletic activities like running and biking when it’s raining.

“This raincoat is perfect for running during drizzle/light rain,” writes one reviewer. “I would get soaked and wet when running outside and just wearing a sweater. Now I wear this raincoat and stay dry on top of layers.”

It also has a bunch of pockets—two on the side of the jacket and one on the back—reflective panels, and handy instructions on how to fold it down into a small, packable roll.

It comes in men’s sizes S to XXL and eight colors.

Get the Baleaf Packable Pullover on Amazon for $24.66 to $36.99

For kids

For a great quality coat that'll last till they outgrow it

Credit: L.L. Bean

There's a reason why so many kids are spotted in this jacket.

This L.L. Bean rain jacket seems omnipresent at elementary schools all around the country—and there’s a good reason for that. It offer great water protection, breathability from underarm vents and a mesh inner lining, and flexible elastic wristbands to keep moisture from creeping in at the wrists. In fact, some parents love it so much they get one for their children every year, until they outgrow the size range.

“This is our second purchase since my daughter outgrew the first one,” writes one reviewer. “Can't recommend this enough. Keeps her dry, fits well, durable, wonderful colors to choose from, true to size.”

The jacket comes in kids’ sizes 4 to 10 and three colors.

Get the Kids’ Discovery Rain Jacket from L.L. Bean for $39.95

For a simple jacket that's cute and functional

Credit: M2C

This jacket is so cute, some parents wish it came in larger sizes for them to wear.

Another much-beloved kids’ raincoat is one from the brand M2C on Amazon. Reviewers love that it’s fully waterproof and has a protective hood with a distinctive red, white, and blue stripe on the brim and soft striped cotton lining. The jacket is available in kids’ sizes up to 8/9, which is great for toddlers up to elementary schoolers—but a bummer for some parents who’d like to buy one for themselves.

“This jacket is adorable and waterproof,” writes one reviewer. “I’m slightly jealous and wish it came in my size.”

It comes in sizes 3T to 8/9 and six colors.

Get the MC2 Raincoat on Amazon for $27.99 to $29.99

For warm rainy days

Credit: Jingle Bongala

Kids will stay dry without overheating in this jacket.

T he Jingle Bongala jacket is light enough for kids to wear when it's balmy outside. But it'll last the season when supplemented with a sweater underneath when it’s chilly out. Amazon reviewers like that it helps block out the wind, too, and looks exactly like its photos.

“This repels the rain great,” writes a reviewer. “My child stays dry. There is a thin lining on the inside which I like so it doesn't stick to your body when it’s raining.”

The Jingle Bongala jacket comes in kids’ sizes 5 to 12 and three colors.

Get the Jingle Bongala Waterproof Windbreaker on Amazon for $25.49

For pets

For any dog that won't walk in the rain


Water-averse dogs can stay dry (and look cute) with this functional jacket.

Some dogs love running around when it's wet outside. Other dogs aren’t so fond of it—and others might have so strong an aversion to water that it’s difficult to get them out during a shower, even if they need a walk. If that sounds like your dog, you might just want to invest in a rain jacket. Amazon reviewers love the Pro Plums dog coat, which has a waterproof polyester shell, adjustable collar, and a built-in harness.

“Lilly doesn't much like walking in the rain,” writes a reviewer who bought the jacket for their poodle-mix pup. “This sensibly designed raincoat at least makes it more possible than not that she'll agree to venture out into wet weather and look smart when doing so. Don't hesitate to try it.”

The jacket comes in sizes suitable for dogs from 12 to 29 inches long, for pugs, corgis, and golden retrievers, and every breed in between.

Get the PROPLUMS Adjustable Raincoat on Amazon for $20.99

For protecting smaller pups from the elements

Credit: Ethical Pet

Miniature dogs may be extra frightened of the rain, which is why the right jacket is important.

More petite dogs—think chihuahuas, yorkies, malteses, and bichon frises—will need a petite jacket. One great choice is the Ethical Pet poncho, which has a full coverage hood, reflective panels, and comes in a fetching (pun intended) bright yellow shade.

One reviewer writes that she bought a jacket for each of her three dogs and thinks they are “tough, cute, and keep my dogs dry.” Best of all, she writes, “My furry kids seem to like them and and they stay in place without slipping and sliding.”

The XXS and XS sizes work for dogs between six to eight inches and eight to ten inches long, respectively. It also comes in larger sizes if you’ve got a bigger dog, up to a lab or golden retriever, (or a Pygmy goat) that looks good in yellow.

Get the Ethical Pet Poncho on Amazon for $11.05 to $21.14

For big dogs that don’t like getting wet

Credit: Huge Hounds

Big dogs can wear raincoats, too.

If you own a Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Pyreneese, or any other 80 pound-plus dog, your best bet is the HugeHounds raincoat. This yellow hooded polyester coat blocks the rain (and a smelly wet dog smell), and comes with an adjustable velcro belt to fit your pet just right. It comes in a bright yellow color so your super-sized pooch will look just as cute in it as any lapdog.

Get the HugeHounds on Amazon for $34.99

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