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The best places to buy bathing suits online in 2022

Life’s too short to spend it in a bad bikini

On left, model wearing cheetah print two-piece swimsuit while sitting down. In middle, model wearing colorful cheetah print swimsuit in pool. On right, pregnant model wearing black one-piece swimsuit. Credit: EgoSwim / Venus / Seraphine Maternity

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Shopping for swimsuits is kind of the worst. Whether you’re short, skinny, curvy, athletic, or what have you, chances are you’ve experienced some kind of anxiety about buying bathing suits.

Shopping for bathing suits online can be the easier way to go. It affords you a unique kind of privacy. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the cruel tricks that harsh fluorescent lighting can play in the fitting room.

However, it also poses its own set of challenges. Many online retailers break down how to properly measure and figure out your size. (For instance, if you have broad shoulders like me, you may want to try an asymmetrical neckline, as it can draw focus up and away). Still, since you're not trying it on first, you're stuck playing a guessing game with the fit.

To help you navigate this tricky purchase, I decided to track down some of the best places to buy swimsuits for all body types. I looked for sites that offer a good variety of styles, shapes, and price points.

But most importantly, I searched for stores with the best return policies for online purchases, in case something in your order doesn’t fit the way you had hoped. Here are the best swimsuit retailers definitely worth checking out.

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1. Summersalt

Model displaying tri-color one-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Summersalt

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Summersalt

Our favorite: The Sidestroke—$95 Sizes: 0-24 Prices: 👙👙👙 Return/Exchange Policies: 30 days

Best known for its sleek one-shoulder tops and one-pieces (also known as maillots), Summersalt specializes in the kind of Instagram-ready fashion that will make you thrilled to splash around in the water come summer.

The brand's swimsuits fit extremely well and offer long torso and booty coverage, so you won’t have to worry about a one-size-fits-all approach like you would at some other swimsuit retailers. Writer Samantha Matt raved about these swimsuits for their fit, feel, and flattering shape. She was particularly obsessed with the cult-favorite Sidestroke design.

Shop swimsuits at Summersalt

2. Zaful

White and blue two-piece swimsuit with butterfly pattern.
Credit: Zaful

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Zaful

Our favorite: Zaful Off Shoulder Butterfly String Three Piece Bikini Swimwear—$17.99 Sizes: XS-XL Prices: 👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

Eager to add some bold colors and playful prints to your bathing suit collection? With Zaful, you'll find super-cute maillots, swimsuits, and bikinis in designs you’ve probably never seen before, plus a variety of styles to suit any silhouette. This retailer also runs sales constantly, so you’re all but guaranteed to save money.

Shop swimsuits at Zaful

3. Aerie

Model wearing olive two-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Aerie

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Aerie

Our favorites: Aerie Wide Strap Scoop Bikini Top—$20 and Aerie High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom—$15 Sizes: XXS-XXL and 30A-38DD Prices: 👙 Return/Exchange Policy: No time limit on refunds

Swimsuits from Aerie have the same flattering, easy-to-wear feel that makes its lingerie so comfy to wear. They also let you mix and match tops and bottoms, so you’re not locked into one suit or standard size.

Because it's a sub brand of American Eagle, Aerie also offers a bunch of added perks, such as rewards across the brands if you sign up for Real Rewards.

Shop swimsuits at Aerie

4. Amazon

Model displaying front and back of pink and floral two-piece bikini.
Credit: Tempt Me

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Amazon

Our favorite: Tempt Me Two Piece Vintage Halter Swimsuit—From $25.99 Sizes: XXS-8X, 00-38, and 00P-18P Prices: 👙 Return/Exchange Policies: 30 days

You can already buy just about anything on Amazon, even live and fake plants. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s a sweet spot to score affordable swimsuits, too.

I know, I know—you’re probably leery about buying a swimsuit on Amazon. But the truth is, you can find plenty of attractive options at a great value, and you'll get them fast via Amazon Prime. You can read tons of reviews to see what others say about the fit, fabric, and quality to find the most trustworthy suits.

Shop swimsuits at Amazon

5. Athleta

Model wearing black two-piece tankini swimsuit.
Credit: Athleta

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Athleta

Our favorite: Maldives High Neck Bikini Top—$64 and Clean Medium Bikini Bottom—$44 Sizes: A-DDD, XXS-XL Prices: 👙👙 Return Policy: 60 days

For sporty swimwear that great for surfing, Athleta is a must-shop. This activewear brand, which also makes our favorite face masks, offers an assortment of athletic swimsuits, including crop bikini tops, tankinis, one-pieces, and more. Even better, all of Athleta's swimwear is made using recycled materials, making them a great option for eco-conscious shoppers.

Shop swimsuits at Athleta

6. Lands’ End

Model displaying front and back of blue and navy tankini swimsuit set.
Credit: Lands’ End

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Lands’ End

Our favorites: Women's V-Neck Underwire Tankini Top Swimsuit—$82.95 and Women's Tummy Control Swim Skirt Swim Bottoms—$69.95 Sizes: 0-18, A-DDD Prices: 👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 90 days

For a timeless look while lounging by the water, you'll definitely want to shop Lands’ End. Ideal for those seeking one-piece suits that aren’t too suggestive, the company's swim attire has a classic appeal that compliments virtually any age group.

Shop swimsuits at Lands’ End

7. Swimsuits for All

Model displaying front and back of red bikini swimsuit.
Credit: Swimsuits for All

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Swimsuits for All

Our favorite: Ashley Graham Elite Triangle Bikini Set—from $58 Sizes: 4-34 Prices: 👙👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 60 days

The name here says it all. This online retailer specializes in delivering on-trend swim attire for all body types. Whether you’re shopping for a V-neck one-piece swimsuit or a swimdress with underwire, you can find the look that will best suit your body.

Unsure if you’re ordering the right size? Swimsuits for All has a helpful online guide to give you the perfect fit, no matter your silhouette.

Shop swimsuits at Swimsuits for All

8. Venus

Model displaying front and back of colorful cheetah print two-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Venus

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Venus

Our favorite: Strappy Bandeau Top—$24.99 and String Side Bikini Bottom—$26 Sizes: XS-2X Prices: 👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 90 days

For mid-priced bathing suits, Venus is a good option. While the swim attire favors a more classic aesthetic, you can find some unique bikinis and one-pieces that you'll feel plenty confident in.

You can shop by style or by print/color. The site even takes the guesswork out of finding the right coverage for bottoms, since your search will be targeted based on how much visibility you want there. Venus also offers an easy-to-use size chart, so you can get the most precise fit possible.

Shop swimsuits at Venus


Model displaying front and back of red one-piece swimsuit.
Credit: ASOS

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: ASOS

Our favorite: Dorina Bora Bora Swimsuit—$21.50 Sizes: 00-24, XXS-XXL, and 30A-38I Prices: 👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 28 days for full refund, 29 to 45 days for gift voucher

For affordable, on-trend swimwear that will make you want to buy in bulk, ASOS is everything. The sizing can be a little iffy, as the U.K.-based brand has a European standard, but the company's branded swimsuits are mostly true to size and are built to flatter a full range of body types. If you live in the United States, you can sign up for its premier delivery for $19 a year to get unlimited two-day shipping on everything, which is so completely worth it if you're a regular shopper of the retailer.

Shop swimsuits at ASOS

10. Torrid

Model displaying front and back of black one-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Torrid

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Torrid

Our favorites: Black Wireless V-Neck Tankini Top—$48.42 Sizes: 10-30 Prices: 👙👙 Return/Exchange Policies: 60 days

Unleash your inner geek and look adorable doing it with swimsuits from Torrid. From galaxy-inspired one-pieces to Wonder Woman-themed swimsuits, you can shop entire looks or mix-and-match styles to be all your own. While the swimsuits are on the expensive side, one thing’s for sure: Torrid’s plus-size fashion can be a terrific way to show off your curves—and your nerdy side to boot.

Shop swimsuits at Torrid

11. Pacsun

Model displaying front and back of two-piece of orange and blue paisley string two-piece bikini.
Credit: Pacsun

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Pacsun

Our favorite:LA Hearts by PacSun Paisley Alexa Balconette Bikini Top—$23.96 and LA Hearts by PacSun Paisley Alexa Cheeky Bikini Bottom—$21.56 Sizes: XS-XXL Prices: 👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days; after 30 days, exchanges or store credit

Everything about Pacsun conjures up images of fun in the sun, so obviously, the swimsuit collection is off the hook. You can find plenty of solid color and print bikinis on the site that manage to look both sporty and sexy. Note, however, that while the line has some plus-size selections, it’s really ideal for those with petite or small frames. Those with larger busts may struggle to find tops that deliver the kind of coverage and support they need most.

Shop swimsuits at Pacsun

12. Target

A young woman with dark hair poses facing the camera and facing away wearing a blue floral patterned one-piece swimsuit with a ruffled neckline.
Credit: Target/Reviewed

The best places to buy bathing suits online in 2022: Target

Our favorite:Kona Sol Over the Shoulder Ruffle High Coverage One Piece Swimsuit—$42 Sizes: 32A-38DDD, 4-26W, and XS-XL Prices: 👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 90 days (or 120 days if you paid with a Target Redcard) or 1 year for store-owned and exclusive brands

When it’s swimsuit season, you can really make those dollars stretch and get a cute beach look or two thanks to Target's incredible selection of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits. Since Target basically has everything, their swim attire compliments a range of body shapes—including if you’re expecting—but they’re also well constructed, so you can use them well into next summer.

Shop for swimsuits at Target

13. Nordstrom Rack

A women is shown facing toward the camera and away from it wearing a long-sleeve black bathing suit with a zip-up front.
Credit: Next/Reviewed

The best places to buy bathing suits online in 2022: Nordstrom Rack

Our favorite:Next Good Karma Malibu Zip One-Piece Swimsuit—$54.97 Sizes: XXS-XXL and 32A-38DDD Prices: 👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 45 days

Nordstrom Rack is a haven for fashion lovers who want designer brands at a good discount, and when it comes to swim attire, this retailer doesn’t disappoint. With everything from ruffle tops to tankinis, styles really run the gamut. Even better, you can return your swim gear at either Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, which makes the process that much more seamless.

**Shop for swimsuits at Nordstrom Rack

14. H&M

A young blonde woman with damp hair wearing a light pink printed two-piece bathing suit looks off to the right against a patterned blue background
Credit: H&M/Reviewed

The best places to buy bathing suits online in 2022: H&M

Our favorite:Padded Tie-Back Bikini Top—$19.99 and Brazilian Bikini Bottoms—$17.99 Sizes: S-3X Prices: 👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days with receipt; after 30 days, exchange only at current price

Looking for affordable swimsuits online that are also eye-catching? H&M never disappoints. True to their rep, the fast-fashion retailer offers some of the most inexpensive and ready-to-wear swim fashion around. The downside? The bathing suits you buy at H&M probably won’t last past this season, but they’re cheap enough that you can pick up a few of them, so you’ll have plenty of options throughout the summer.

Shop for swimsuits at H&M

15. Boohoo

Model displaying black one-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Boohoo

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Boohoo

Our favorite: Essentials Bandeau Strap Recycled Swimsuit—$20 Sizes: 0-20 Prices: 👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 28 days for U.S. and International shoppers

Similar to ASOS, this U.K.-based fast-fashion brand is all about the latest trends, and its cheap, stylish attire totally reflects that. If you want to have fun and mix up your swimsuit game a little, you can find some show-stopper sets and suits for under $30, from high-leg one-pieces to risqué lace-up pieces that will make you feel like you own the sand.

Shop swimsuits at Boohoo

16. ModCloth

Model displaying orange print two-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Modcloth

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Modcloth

Our favorite: Joanna One-Piece Swimsuit—$79 Sizes: 4-30, XS-4X Prices: 👙👙👙 Return/Exchange Policies: 28 days for domestic returns; 60 days for international returns

Most of the swimsuits found at ModCloth have a retro, luxe vibe to them, which is kind of the store's M.O. If you already obsess over its dresses and accessories, you’ll love their swim section. There's a quirky blend of vintage-inspired styles and high-waisted bottoms that look terrific on curvier frames. It's on the pricier side, but it’s so worth it if you love the ModCloth aesthetic.

Shop swimsuits at ModCloth

17. Bare Necessities

Model wearing navy and white polka-dot tankini swimsuit.
Credit: Bare Necessities

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Bare Necessities

Our favorites: Panache Anya Spot Underwire Tankini Top—$64.50 and Anya Spot Gathered Bikini Bottom—$28.50 Sizes: XS-XXL, 4-24, 30A-48M Prices: 👙👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 60 days for returns, 61 to 120 days for exchanges

Sometimes, spending a lot on a bathing suit just doesn’t seem practical. But if you’re shopping for a high-quality suit to wear everywhere, Bare Necessities is a solid option.

This retailer offers a variety of sizes. But those with larger busts will especially appreciate them, with cup sizes going all the way to M. Whether you’re looking for a modest one-piece or bandeau top, you'll have a vast selection to pick from here.

Shop swimsuits at Bare Necessities

18. Everything But Water

Model wearing white floral two-piece bikini swimsuit.
Credit: Everything But Water

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Everything But Water

Our favorites: Becca by Rebecca Virtue Elliana Banded Triangle Bikini Top—$88 and Becca by Rebecca Virtue Demi Reversible Tie Side Hipster Bikini Bottom—$68 Sizes: 1-26, 32B-38H Prices: 👙👙👙 Return/Exchange Policy: 21 days

Everything But Water has been around for more than 30 years and is one of the most popular brands in the swim fashion market. One of the biggest reasons? Its swim tops fit well and offer tremendous support, especially for those with D-cup busts and up. The company can also be a wonderful destination for resort wear and cover-ups, including sarongs, caftans, and tunics.

Shop swimsuits at Everything But Water

19. Beefcake Swimwear

Models displaying gender neutral vintage one-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Beefcake Swimwear

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Beefcake Swimwear

Our favorite: The Original—$99 Sizes: XS-5X Prices: 👙👙👙 Return Policy: 14-day return and one-time exchange policy in the U.S.; 30 days for international orders

For swimwear that goes beyond the binary, Beefcake Swimwear is a fabulous option. Inspired by the 1920s, this gender-neutral swimwear line—which was initially launched by founder Mel Brittner Wells on Kickstarter in 2017—is ideal for customers who not only prefer shopping at queer-owned businesses, but who also love retro aesthetics. The shop practices ethical manufacturing (each suit made is cut and sewn by folks in Portland, Oregon, who are also paid a living wage) and suits are designed with all bodies in mind.

Shop swimsuits at Beefcake Swimwear

20. Outplay

Model wearing gender neutral two-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Outplay

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Outplay

Our favorites: Swimmee—$55 and Boi Shorts—$49 Sizes: XS-XXL Prices: 👙👙 Return Policy: 30 days

If you're shopping for gender-neutral swimwear, Outplay is a great place to start—and end—your search. Designed with all bodies in mind, the brand specializes in sporty pieces, ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle.

They also help people looking for swimsuits that hold exactly what they need it to, and only show exactly what they're comfortable revealing. In particular, tops like the Swimmee, one of Outplay's most popular offerings, are available in low or high compression fit. At Outplay, shoppers can find items that really fit their bodies well.

Shop swimsuits at Outplay

21. Andrea Iyamah

Model displaying front and back of yellow cutout one-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Andrea Iyamah

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Andrea Iyamah

Our favorite: Aluna Sunshine One-Piece Swimsuit—$170 Sizes: XS-XXXL Prices: 👙👙👙👙 Return Policy: All sales final

Founded in 2011 by Nigerian designer Andrea Dumebi Iyamah, this brand offers exquisite swimwear influenced by her African roots and has been likened to "wearable art" by fashion lovers.

The one-pieces and bikini tops and bottoms offered here are highly structured. Their distinctive, tailored look and finish makes them stand out from other brands. Additionally, the vibrant color palette that this brand draws from and includes in designs helps to make these pieces feel truly show-stopping.

Shop swimsuits at Andrea Iyamah

22. TomboyX

Green and black swim tank and swim shorts.
Credit: TomboyX

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: TomboyX

Our favorites: Swim Tank—$59 and Swim 9-inch Board Shorts—$54 Sizes: XS-4X Prices: 👙👙 Return Policy: 45 days for first orders, 30 days for returning customers

From board shorts to swim tanks and everything in between, TomboyX is a stellar option for swimsuits. They especially cater to shoppers in search of gender-affirming pieces.

This queer-owned business was established in 2012 by Fran Dunaway and Naomi Gonzalez and also offers form-fitting bras and underwear. The swimwear in particular is made from quick-dry, eco-friendly materials. They also have an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 50, so shoppers can get an extra boost of protection while they're out in the sun.

Shop swimsuits at TomboyX

23. EgoSwim

Model displaying cheetah print long-sleeved swimsuit while sit down.
Credit: EgoSwim

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: EgoSwim

Our favorite: Jade Swimsuit—$55 Sizes: 2-12, XS-XL Prices: 👙👙 Return Policy: No refunds, 7 days for exchanges

Established by a group of friends who were eager to bring their sexy styles to the masses, EgoSwim is a Black-owned swimwear brand that offers a variety of cute, beach-worthy attire: stunning maillots, shoulder puff-sleeve bikini tops, high-waisted bottoms, and more. You can also use the shop's handy size guide to find the right fit for your frame.

Shop swimsuits at EgoSwim

24. Seraphine Maternity

Pregnant model displaying black one-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Seraphine Maternity

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Seraphine Maternity

Our favorites: Front Twist Black Maternity Swimsuit—$59 Sizes: S-XL Prices: 👙👙 Return Policy: 30 days

Maternity swimwear can be tricky to shop for, but London-based brand Seraphine Maternity delivers, big time. Popular with Kate Middleton and other well-known celeb moms, this brand is great for sexy maternity lingerie and other chic apparel for expectant and nursing mothers, and can be an excellent destination for comfy maillots and tankinis that flatter curves in all the right ways.

Shop swimsuits at Seraphine Maternity

25. Castamira

Model displaying black keyhole one-piece swimsuit.
Credit: Castamira

The best places to buy swimwear online in 2022: Castamira

Our favorite: Free Will Swimsuit—$215 Sizes: XS-L Prices: 👙👙👙 Return Policy: 7 days

Jamaican-born supermodel Chantal Davis founded Castamira in 2017 with an emphasis on creating contoured swimwear with a vintage feel. Made from eco-friendly materials, the brand's minimalist maillots have a 70s-era look to them, with evocative cut-outs and feminine ruffles, but also retain a sporty wearability, which makes them ideal for long-term wear.

Shop swimsuits at Castamira

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.