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As someone who teaches yoga 5 days a week and is constantly running from the studio to social events, I barely have time to shower, let alone wash, dry, and style my hair. Basically, I use dry shampoo more than I use regular shampoo (whoops).

But apparently I may not be using that dry shampoo correctly. A recent viral video revealed that most people don't follow the right steps when applying the popular product. The result? Their hair stays oily and flat, which defeats the purpose of even using dry shampoo in the first place. Here's what you're doing wrong—and how to use dry shampoo effectively so your hair looks better for longer.

The biggest mistake people make when using dry shampoo

If you're giving your hair a single spritz followed by a quick brush (spending less than 10 seconds total), your dry shampoo probably isn't doing too much to help those oily strands. The video recommends leaving your dry shampoo on for at least five to 10 minutes (!!). Only then should you brush it out from the roots to the ends.

Another tip is to make sure you massage the dry shampoo into your roots rather than simply spraying it on. You want to work it through your hair to get to the oiliest parts (a.k.a. right by your scalp). Just applying it to the ends or the surface of your hair won't make a big difference in how your hair looks or feels.

How to use dry shampoo the right way

Credit: Reviewed/Jackson Ruckar

Ahh much better.

The secret to getting the most out of your dry shampoo? Apply it before you shower, according to one of our editors (and resident dry shampoo tester!). "I would recommend spraying it in and leaving it under a cap while you shower," Ashley Barry-Biancuzzo explains. "That gives the shampoo time to suck up any excess oils, especially if you have straight hair, which is prone to grease and oil." The longer it sits on your scalp, the longer it has to do its job.

And as for which dry shampoo is best, after hours of testing, Ashley found the Dove Dry Shampoo to reign supreme. "I like the dove dry shampoo because it smells awesome and my hair feels very clean after use," she says, adding, "It does leave some residue, but it's nothing a brush can't remove." Personally, I'm also a fan of Lululemon's new dry shampoo, which is also residue-free and gives my hair the volume and refresh I'm craving after a sweaty yoga class.

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