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The Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower sits outside on a plastic table.
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

With a high bubble output and multiple options for power, the Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower is the best bubble machine for kids you can buy.

Best Bubble Machine for Kids
Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower

If you want the very best bubble machine for kids, you’ve got to go with the Zerhunt Automatic Bubble Blower. It runs on batteries (not included) or you can plug it in using the included power cable, making it perfect for all-day birthday parties or an afternoon playdate. It also has a very large 12.5-ounce reservoir for bubble solution, which is above average capacity for most tabletop bubble machines, and a sturdy handle that makes this lightweight bubble blower very portable.

It doesn’t come with a bubble solution but any store-bought solution will work just fine. It claims to blow over 4,800 bubbles a minute. While we can't vouch for the exact number, this bad boy has two speed settings and pumps out a large number of bubbles at a steady pace. Needless to say, the Zerhunt machine had no problem keeping my patio looking like an iridescent wonderland for my kids to waltz around in.

The solution is easy to dump in the bubble basin, and there are easy-to-see minimum and maximum fill marks to make sure you’ve added the right amount. The large reservoir also means it’s easier to clean than smaller machines. The only downside is that it doesn't look as fun or kid-friendly as other playful designs on our list—it only comes in black or white. Overall, though, this bubble machine is perfect for everyday fun, or to have on hand for use at birthday parties and other celebrations.


  • Battery-operated or corded electric

  • Large reservoir

  • Portable


  • Does not include batteries or bubble solution

How We Tested Bubble Machines for Kids

Bubble machines sitting on an outdoor table
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

Part of our testing included setting the bubble machines up side-by-side to see how they all compare.

The Tester

My name is Rachel Murphy and I’m one of Reviewed's senior staff writers. While you can usually find me covering the latest smart home gadgets for Reviewed, I’m a mom of two who dabbles in testing gear for kids on occasions. With the help of my kids, ages 3 and 8, I’ve tested everything from straw cups for toddlers and luxury diapers to subscription-based playkits for kids. With summer in full swing, my children were after me to find a bubble machine for our backyard. Not just any bubble machine, but one that blows a lot of bubbles at once. This is our quest to find the best bubble machine.

The Tests

For the tests, we set each bubble machine up side-by-side and also used each one independently over two weeks. The machines were tested outdoors in hot and humid Central Florida. After pouring in bubble solution, we tested each machine to see how long it ran before requiring more soapy mixture. We also tested each machine for ease of use, portability, the number of bubbles it blows per minute, the size of the reservoir, and how easy it was to clean. Finally, we took into account additional factors like how the machine gets power (batteries, corded electric, or both) and how easy it is to store.

What You Should Know About Bubble Machines for Kids

Selecting a bubble solution

You’ve got options when it comes to selecting a solution for your bubble machine. Some models may come with a small bottle of single-use solution for you to try. For our tests, we used Target’s Sun Squad Bubble Solution if there was no bottle included with the machine. You can find a variety of solutions at major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Many bubble solutions claim to be eco-friendly and/or nontoxic. You can find this information on the product page or directly on the item’s packaging to ensure you’re purchasing a safe solution. Making your own bubble blend is also an option when using a mixture of soap and water.

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How to use a Bubble Machine

In general, bubble machines are simple to use. You don’t need any special know-how or fancy tools. Most bubble machines require batteries to operate and those are not included with your purchase. To open up the battery compartment, you’ll likely need common household tools like a Phillips head or flathead screwdriver. Some machines may offer dual power options like corded electric and battery power, but it’s most common for bubble machines to run on batteries only.

The bubble solution is poured into the front reservoir of the machine. Then, turn the machine on and watch the bubbles begin to freely flow. How often you refill the solution will depend on the size of the machine’s reservoir. A reservoir that can hold around 5 ounces of solution typically lasts about 15 minutes before you’ll need to add in more. When you’re done, pour out the remaining bubble solution, if any, and wipe the inside of the machine as best you can with a wet rag to prevent the build up of soapy residue. Alternatively, you can pour water in the machine and rinse it that way.

Bubble Machines and Safety

A toddler carries a bubble machine through the yard.
Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

Some battery-operated machines are portable enough that toddlers, like my 3-year-old son, can easily move them around.

Many of the bubble machines in our guide are rated for ages 3 and up. Be sure to review the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommended usage before purchasing and using a bubble machine. Additionally, supervise young children when the bubble machine is in use, especially little ones who may be tempted to stick their fingers in the way of the spinning wands. If you’re looking for fun, motor-free alternatives to bubble machines for kids, we like this easy-to-use 3-piece bubble wand set that makes all kinds of large-sized bubbles that are perfect for popping.

Other Bubble Machines For Kids We Tested

Product image of Victostar Bubble Machine
Victostar Bubble Machine

We weren't sure what to expect from the Victostar Bubble Machine, but it delivered on blasting out lots of high-quality bubbles thanks to the 10 rotating bubble wands. We can’t tell you exactly how many, but Victorstar estimates it’s about 800 bubbles per minute. It's not our No. 1 pick because the spinning wands feel flimsy like they could easily break. Additionally, the basin for the solution is relatively small given the size of the machine. It only holds up to 5 ounces at a time, meaning you'll need to add more solution about every 15 minutes to keep the bubbles flowing.

We love the Victostar machine's robot-inspired design and the hook on the top, making the machine easy to carry. It comes with two bottles of bubble solution and runs on four AA batteries, which are not included. The machine works well at producing small bubbles in a timely fashion, but having to refill it multiple times an hour is a bit of a pain. Victostar claims the bubble machine is made from non-toxic, ABS plastic. Overall, if you’re looking for a unique robot design and don’t mind only being tied to one bubble speed, the Victostar Bubble Machine is a viable choice for the price.


  • Cute design

  • Good bubble output

  • Bubble solution included


  • Small reservoir

  • Bubble wands feel flimsy

Product image of WisToyz Dog Bubble Machine
WisToyz Bubble Machine

This is an ideal battery-operated bubble machine to take with you to the park, beach, or your next outside playdate because of its very small size. It’s extremely lightweight and fits right in the palm of your hand, and is therefore easy for your little one to pick up and move around.

The dog-inspired bubble maker has eight spinning wands that claim to blow more than 500 bubbles a minute. Overall, the blower puts out a decent amount of bubbles but the spinning wands move fairly slowly, so the bubbles aren’t as plentiful with this machine. However, the slow-moving wands make this machine a better pick for small children who may be tempted to stick their fingers in.

While the design bodes well mostly, it does hinder your ability to neatly pour in the solution. The bubble reservoir is very small (less than 4 ounces). Due to the tiny design of the machine, there’s just not enough space to easily pour in bubble solution without spilling. A large medicine dropper or small baster might work better than pouring directly from the solution bottle.

In short, this bubble maker is small, easy for kids to carry, and puts out an adequate amount of bubbles for the size. Just be prepared for a small mess when you add bubble solution.


  • Compact design

  • Includes solution and tools


  • Low bubble output

Product image of Little Kids Fubbles Bubble Blastin’ Machine
Fubbles Bubble Blastin’ Automatic Party Machine

The Fubbles Bubble Blastin’ Automatic Party Machine doesn't mess around when it comes to pumping out a continuous stream of small bubbles. That was exactly our experience when using the bubble blower. It comes with a small bottle of bubble solution that can be poured directly into the basin. After about 10-15 minutes, you’ll need to add more bubble solution to the machine. It runs on four AA batteries, which are not included with your purchase.

While we like that this battery-operated bubble machine is lightweight and easy to carry, it does feel like it’s made from cheap plastic and might crack or break completely if it were to drop on the ground. It also only has one speed. Be careful when moving the machine when it’s full of the solution because it can spill back into the motor and potentially cause damage. However, if you’re looking for a portable, lightweight bubble maker for big kids, this could be a worthy investment.


  • Bubble solution included

  • Good stream of bubbles

  • Easy-pour reservoir design


  • Small reservoir

  • Feels flimsy

Product image of Kidzlane Bubble Machine
KidzLane Bubble Machine

If you’re looking for a bubble machine with a cheerful design, then the KidzLane Bubble Machine is worth a look. It’s bright and colorful, sturdy and durable, and holds about 6 ounces of bubble solution. You can pour the solution directly into the dolphin’s mouth, which was great fun for my kids who enjoyed “feeding” the sea life-shaped bubble maker.

It features 10 spinning wands that blow a consistent stream of small bubbles. On some occasions, the bubbles would cling to the front of the machine, creating a messy backup. It has a no-tip design to keep it stable and has a large, 8-ounce reservoir for the bubble solution. You'll need six AA batteries (not included) to power the machine. Overall, this machine works well and features a sturdy (and adorable) design, but it requires more batteries than other bubble machines and can be messy to use.


  • Attractive, no-tip design

  • Well-built

  • Bubble solution included


  • Requires six batteries

  • Bubbles clump up

Product image of Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine
Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Bubble Machine

The name “Gazillion Bubbles” machine did not live up to its namesake during our tests. The machine only has one speed and the wands move very slowly, resulting in very few bubbles blowing from the machine. Unfortunately, the machine also leaked during use. We also found it more challenging to install the batteries on this machine versus others in our guide.

While it doesn’t excel at its most basic bubble-blowing function, there are a couple of pros here. It comes with one small bottle of bubble solution, and the tank is one of the easiest to fill. We also like that the battery pack is located on the top of the machine, where it’s less likely to get wet from spills. But overall, this machine feels flimsy and didn’t perform well during our tests. Unless you’re dead set on buying from the Gazillion Bubbles brand, you’re better off selecting a different bubble machine in our guide.


  • Easy-pour design

  • Includes bubble solution


  • Slow

  • Blows few bubbles

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