10 fun toys your kids will love using outside this spring

Spring is nature's way of saying your kid needs a few new toys

A child pulls a toy wheelbarrow full of plants Credit: Step2

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Warmer weather and budding flowers are just a couple of reasons to be excited about springtime. But with a new season in full swing, your kids might be going a bit stir crazy from staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. To help keep them busy, we’ve rounded up 10 fun toys for spring that can be used in the backyard, on a balcony, or indoors.

1. An adorable wheelbarrow that’s easy to push

Credit: Step2

Nothing says spring quite like a toy wheelbarrow—and it's an ideal way for your curious toddler to help you plant a new garden for the season.

Need some help in the garden? Enlist your little ones to schlep tools and small plants in your backyard with the Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow for kids. Fill the wheelbarrow with plants and garden tools for some outdoor fun, or use it to push around stuffed animals and other toys indoors. The push toy comes with a hand rake and trowel that can be placed in the wheelbarrow's built-in storage area when not in use.

Get the Springtime Wheelbarrow by Step2 from Walmart for $35.99

2. A tee ball set that encourages hand-eye coordination

t ball set
Credit: Little Tikes

Spring sports may not be in session, but your toddler can still practice their swing with this t-ball set.

While spring tee ball leagues are out of session due to the coronavirus, there's no reason your kid can't practice his batting skills in the backyard. The Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball set comes with an oversized plastic bat, two balls, and a tee. You'll get plenty of use out of this all year long since the toy is adjustable—and it’s great for encouraging hand-eye coordination. Short on space? The set easily breaks down and can be hung on the wall.

Get the LittleTikes TotSports T-Ball Set from Walmart for $13.99

3. A set of gardening tools made just for kids

garden tools
Credit: Melissa & Doug

It doesn't get much cuter than a kid-friendly set of garden tools for spring.

Spring is an ideal time to start a garden. With many of us homeschooling our children, gardening is a simple and hands-on way for kids to learn about where food comes from. But in order to be a successful gardener, they're going to need their very own tools. Melissa & Doug's Toy Gardening Tote Set comes with a hand rake, hand shovel, spray bottle, and colorful tote bag intended for children ages 3 and up.

Get the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Toy Gardening Tote Set With Tools from Walmart for $13.99

4. A lawn mower that blows bubbles

Credit: Fisher-Price / Sun Squad

Your kids can enjoy plenty of fun with toys like a bubble-blowing toy lawnmower (left) or a bubble gun (right).

Kids and bubbles go together like peanut butter and jelly. And what could be cuter than your toddler pushing the Fisher-Price Bubble Mower around your backyard? Recommended for children ages 2 to 5 years old, the Bubble Mower blows bubbles when pushed, and also makes real lawn mower sounds.

No backyard? A bubble gun is the perfect way for your kids to enjoy some bubbles on your balcony. I’ve even let my kids use the bubble gun inside over carpet, of course, so no one slips on a soapy floor.

5. A pretend play picnic basket that comes with fake food

picnic basket
Credit: Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug is known for its high-quality toys like this adorable plush picnic basket toy set.

Although you likely can’t picnic at your local park right now, your kids can still enjoy the springtime activity indoors with the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Picnic Basket. The basket features a flip-top that's easy for kids to open and close. It also comes with a variety of plush toys like a 5-piece sandwich set, slice of watermelon, ice cream cone, and drink. Each toy rattles, jungles, squeaks, or crinkles to engage your little one in endless hours of play.

Get the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Picnic Basket Fill and Spill Soft Baby Toy from Target for $22.49

6. A toy vacuum so they can practice spring cleaning

Credit: Casdon Toys

Spring cleaning, but make it fun with a toy vacuum that offers real suction.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for Mom and Dad—kids can get in on the fun, too, with the Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum. My toddler loves to get out this toy and vacuum right alongside me. Not only does this toy encourage pretend play, but it does have a working suction function and makes vacuum noises just like the real thing.

Get the Casdon Toys Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum from Target for $26.99

7. A water table to keep them busy for hours

water play
Credit: Step 2

Fill the table with water and let them play, or use it inside on a rainy spring day.

Water play can be an ideal sensory activity, especially for little ones. If you’re lucky enough to have a big enough yard, a water table will keep the kids occupied for hours. However, you can also fill the Step2 Wild Whirlpool Water Table with small plastic balls for indoor use that’s just as fun.

Get the Step2 Wild Whirlpool Water Table With 11 Piece Accessory Set from Walmart for $39.98

8. Push toys that are perfect for walks around the neighborhood

Ride on toys
Credit: Jetson / Step2

Toys with wheels are essential for spring strolls around the neighborhood.

Walks around the neighborhood are about the only thing saving my sanity during the coronavirus quarantine, but I needed a way to wrangle my kids during our outdoor excursions. I was hesitant to add more big plastic toys to our house, but the Step2 Whisper Ride II Kids Ride On Push Car on has been worth every penny. My toddler son loves to ride in this car, honk the horn, and pretend to steer.

I also needed a way to keep my 7-year-old engaged during our 30 minute walks. The Jetson Pixel Kid's Scooter was the answer. It comes in pink, green, purple, and blue, and features LED lights on the wheels and board. However, my favorite part about this scooter is the lean-to-steer design. With two wheels in the front and one in the back, kids can control the direction of the scooter by shifting their weight as they hold onto the handlebars. The scooter also has adjustable handlebars, so it can grow with your child for years to come.

9. A 40-piece chalk set with fun stencils

Credit: Sun Squad

Keep the creative juices flowing with this 40-piece chalk set.

Whether you've got a sprawling backyard patio or a small cement balcony, a 40-piece chalk and stencil set is sure to keep your kids occupied. The set includes colorful pieces of nontoxic and washable chalk, four stencils, a chalk holder, and storage bucket. You can always hang a chalkboard on your balcony, too, if you don’t have any floorspace for the kids to doodle on.

Get the Sun Squad Chalk Bucket Set (40-piece) from Target for $17

10. A few foam airplanes they can toss around inside or out

foam planes
Credit: Anself

These toy planes are perfect for throwing around the backyard and are durable enough for everyday use.

My kids love playing with foam planes when the weather is nice, or indoors on a rainy day. The toy foam airplanes are lightweight but still durable enough to withstand regular use from kids. This toy is recommended for ages 4 to 14, but my two-year-old has a blast tossing the planes around.

Get the Foam Flying Glider Plane from Walmart for $12.98

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