13 things kids need if they loved 'Raya and The Last Dragon'

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Heart. Fang. Spine. Talon. Tail. Kumandra. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you clearly haven’t seen Raya and The Last Dragon. But if those words sparked a reaction, you’ve clearly seen the best animated Disney film of 2021 (to be fair, it’s the only animated Disney film of 2021, but still). It has all the components we love from a Disney production: Action! Friendship! Bravery! A robust line of merchandise!

We've rounded up the best things to buy based on your favorite Disney heroine and even recommended top-rated jewelry to pick up if you want to proudly show your love for Disney. If you and your family can't stop watching Raya and the Last Dragon, we've collected the most popular merchandise you can get from our favorite Disney-selling stores, including ShopDisney, Amazon, Kohl's, and more. Check out these items if your family was completely obsessed with Raya, Suki, and their friends’ quest to save Kumanda and the last dragon.

1. These snuggly plush dolls

Tuk Tuk plushie
Credit: ShopDisney

We do not recommend riding this plushie.

Almost every character in this film was cute, even Namaari (but only at the end). No matter which character was your fave, you can get a little soft plushie of your very own. If you’re a little mischievous and loved the Ongis, this three-piece plushie set is perfect. If you felt connected to the child operating a shrimp congee boat without any adult supervision, you can grab your own little Boun. If you want your own little Tuk Tuk, this one won’t double as transportation, but it will be cute, snuggly and all yours. And of course, you could have your own little tough cutie with this Raya plushie. You can pick one or grab the whole set, but no matter which one you buy, you're snagging a 5-star plushie from the site.

2. This great toothbrush kit for kids

Raya toothbrush
Credit: Oral-B

Let your kids brush their teeth with this Raya-themed set.

Getting kids to enjoy learning the basics of oral hygiene can be an uphill battle. But the little Raya-obsessed dewdrop in your life might be more into brushing with this super cute kit from Oral-B, which makes the best electric toothbrush we've tested. Inside the Raya carrying case, you’ll find a Raya toothbrush and two tubes of Raya toothpaste. If your kids still aren’t keen on brushing, just tell them that the toothpaste has the power to fight off Druun.

Get the Raya toothbrush kit from Oral-B for $37.99

3. This stylish dragon sword wallet

Raya Wallet
Credit: Buckle-Down

Keep your cash protected in this stylish wallet.

When Sisu made her way to Talon, she didn’t understand how to buy things and tried to purchase a market worth of goods using “credit.” Since credit was explained to her by a child shrimp boat captain, it didn’t go over so well for her. Hopefully, you’re using money at your local grocery store to buy your Cheez-Its instead of an IOU, in which case here’s a wallet for you to store all your dollar bills or credit cards. This wallet comes from Buckle-Down, which recently launched a full Disney collection of bags, dog collars, and accessories.

Get the Raya Wallet from Buckle-Down for $15.95

4. This beautiful Raya bedding set

Raya sheets
Credit: ShopDisney

No bedroom is complete without Disney sheets.

As an adult who grew up in the 90s, I have very fond memories of my childhood Disney sheets. Every night I’d climb into my swagged out Lion King or Princess Jasmine sheets and fall asleep. What a time to be alive! I want younger generations to experience the luxury of sleeping on Disney’s finest printed cotton sheets and the flex of being able to say “I have Raya sheets!” I wouldn’t be above getting these sheets if I wasn’t a 28-year-old 6-foot tall woman who has not able to fit in a twin bed in the past decade, but 6-year-old me would have loved these. The sheets are made for a twin mattress and feature a top sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase, comforter, and pillow sham.

Get the Bedding Set from ShopDisney for $74.99

5. This precious Raya tankini

Raya tankini
Credit: Kohl's

This Raya tankini is perfect for summertime.

When we first meet Sisu, she says that each of the dragons has a special power and hers is that she’s “wicked in that liquid”—which I guess is dragon speak for “I love to swim." Since summer is upon us, we had to include a bathing suit on this list! This girl’s two-piece tankini comes from Kohl's and features Raya prominently in its center. It comes in three sizes, but buyers warn that sizing may run larger than what you see on the site.

Get the Girl’s Raya Tankini from Kohl’s for $17.85

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6. Adorable apparel for everyone in the family

Raya apparel
Credit: ShopDisney

Show your love for Raya by dressing the whole family.

One part of the film that I keep thinking about was when Sisu absorbed Pranee’s ability to shapeshift into human form and somehow magically had clothes that fit. In the event that you’re like me and you have to buy clothes because they don’t magically appear on your body, here’s some cute Raya merch for you! Check out some of these cute finds for everyone in the family: a 5-star girls’ utility jacket (with pockets!), a boys’ zip-up hoodie lined with Ongis, a women’s pullover, and a unisex t-shirt that you can get in long-sleeve, short-sleeve, or sweatshirt.

7. This customized Raya mug

Custom mug
Credit: ShopDisney

Know a hot cocoa drinker? This mug is perfect.

In my opinion, anything customizable makes for a great gift. What Raya fan wouldn't love this mug that you can get customized with anyone’s name? This mug would make a great gift for anyone that wants to curl up with tea, hot cocoa, or coffee while watching their favorite TV show or starting their day. The mug itself comes in nine colors, so you can pick the shade that best matches your personality (or your giftee's). You can snag this mug in 11- or 15-ounce sizes.

Get the Customized Raya Mug from ShopDisney for $16.95

8. This replica of Raya’s sword

Raya sword
Credit: Target

This plastic sword will round out any Raya costume.

Raya’s name might be in the title, but if we’re being completely honest, her sword is the star of the show. It might sound dramatic, but in the same way that Harry Potter is just a boy without his wand, Raya is just a girl without her sword. Luckily, you can snag a toy sword that’s completely plastic to let a little one in your life play with and watch their imagination run wild. It’s made of plastic, which feels safer than Raya’s, and this one lights up, which is exponentially cooler.

Get the Raya Toy Sword from Target for $16.99

9. A Raya Funko figure

Raya Funko
Credit: Funko

Can you call yourself a Raya fan if you don't own a Funko?

No merch list is complete without at least one Funko figure. We love this one that showcases the adorable Raya holding TukTuk. The figure has a solid 5-star rating on Amazon and looks great as part of any Disney fan's collection. There are many other Raya varieties you can snag if you already own this one, including one of her yielding her sword.

Get the Raya and Baby Tuk Tuk Funko Pop! figure from Amazon for $9.99

10. This playful Raya kid’s costume

Raya Costume
Credit: ShopDisney

Why not dress your kid up as Raya for the next time they watch?

Halloween is months away, but anyone with a kid knows that their dress-up isn’t limited to October 31 (c’mon, we all know that kids that have tried to wear the same Batman costume every day for two weeks straight). If you’re trying to get your child out of their current costume obsession just for the sake of variety, check out this Raya costume. This 4.5-star costume comes in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 to 9/10. It comes with a hat, vest, shirt, belt, pants, and accessories to complete the look. It doesn't come with Raya's cape, but reviewers love it regardless.

Get the Raya Costume from ShopDisney for $69.99

11. These boots perfect for your Raya costume

Raya boots
Credit: ShopDisney

Make sure you have these boots for your Raya costume.

In the event that you’re getting a very early jump on Halloween costumes or want to round out what might be your child’s new favorite play costume, be sure to check out these Raya Boots. Most costumes do not come with shoes, so if you want your little warrior to protect their feet while they’re running around pretending to save dragons, add these to your cart.

Get the Raya Boots from ShopDisney for $24.99

12. This adorable Sisu dragon toy

Sisu toy
Credit: ShopDisney

Add this adorable Sisu toy to your kid's collection.

Know a little one looking for their own dragon? This Sisu figuring comes with a mane of brushable hair, a sound box, and even glow-in-the-dark capabilities. It's perfect for adding to your little one's toy collection, especially if they have other Raya toys they can use. Reviewers love how Sisu glows, noting that their kids find it entertaining and fun. The only downside they note is that the limbs can't move (though the tail can!).

Get the Sisu Dragon Lights and Sounds Toy from ShopDisney for $19.99

13. Books about Raya and her adventures

Raya books
Credit: DK / Disney

From sticker books to graphic novels and more, you can pick up all kinds of Raya-themed books.

If you’re trying to minimize your kid’s screentime, here are a few ways for your kids to engage with their new favorite movie... without having to watch their new favorite movie. You can snag some highly rated sticker books or step into reading versions of the Raya story. You can also find graphic novels and coloring books, among other book types you can snag on Amazon.

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