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15 Black-owned kids clothing and toy brands to shop now

Diversify your child's wardrobe and playroom with these stellar brands.

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Celebrate Black History Month and take this time to reflect on incorporating diversity into your home on an everyday basis. Even if you find yourself overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, you and your children can learn together. A simple gesture such as giving your children Black and brown dolls and reading books with ethnic and diverse characters is a step in the right direction.

As a parent, you want to prepare your children to be positive citizens of the world. As parents, we must teach our kids to put their best foot forward all the time. We also want to teach our children empathy and compassion for others around them while encouraging them to embrace other marginalized cultures outside of their own. There are many layers to Black History Month that focus on people and subjects such as music, food, and technology. The best thing about learning Black history is the journey you and your family experience together learning American history.

Here are 15 Black-owned brands that you and your family can enjoy all the time—not just during Black History Month.

1. Little Giants

You and your little ones can reminisce over old-school hip hop with these trendy tees and hoodies. You kids will be the coolest in daycare and the playground with the Notorious RBG and the comedic spins on animals with rappers names like Jay-Raf and Busta Lion.

Shop Little Giants

2. Just Like Me! Box

If you are looking to diversify your child’s library, this subscription box makes it easier for you to do so. Instead of endless searching for books and activities, you can place an order and get books and educational tools that will encourage positive growth development in your growing tots.

Get a Just Like Me! box starting at $28

3. MiniBrook

When you need warm, modern clothes that your kid can wear anytime and just about anywhere, MiniBrook has all your fashion needs. The snuggly, Lush Asymmetric Zip Hoody comes in four colors and it’s a perfect outfit for taking your little one to the doctor’s office when it’s cold out or for travel. You will love the quality of these clothes and your child will get lots of wear out of them.

Shop MiniBrook

4. Confidence by GaBBy Goodwin

Gabby Goodwin and her mom knew how hard it was to find barrettes that stay put in coarse hair. With the help of her mom, she created the first double-faced double snap barrette. Now, girls with thicker hair can wear colorful barrettes in their hair without the fear of losing them. They also have an entire hair care line that includes moisturizing cream and detangling and conditioning milk.

Shop Confidence by GaBBy Goodwin

5. Corage Dolls

Aaliyah doll who is Black with curly hair.
Credit: Corage

Aaliyah is a must-have addition to your child's toy box.

These beautiful, multicultural dolls are not just adorable but educational. The “Aaliyah” doll is a cherub-faced 8-year-old that comes with big, curly hair, and a stylish outfit with shoes to match. You can make it a bundle purchase by adding the matching book that follows the doll’s life as a child entrepreneur. The Corage doll is a great way to push your child’s imagination while giving them the representation they need.

Get the Aaliyah doll at Corage Dolls for $60

6. CurlyKids

Whether your child has loose curls or tight curls, CurlyKids has something for every child. When your child is active and needs some extra hold or you just want to keep their hair moisturized without the residue, you will enjoy having hair products that give results that your entire family will love. No more fighting to detangle your child’s hair with CurlyKids’ Honey Combout Moisturizing Detangler. Not only does it smell great but it will help define your little one’s curls with the amount of shine and moisture.

Get the Honey Combout Moisturizing Detangler at CurlyKids for $5

7. Epic Everyday

Do you want more diversity with your backpacks, bath towels, or home goods? Look no further than Epic Everyday. You can decorate your children’s bedroom and give them some cool lunch bags adorned with these sweet little brown faces. Now your kids will have more confidence as they transport their items during their commute.

Shop Epic Everyday

8. Bear The Light

Don’t let the cold weather keep your kids from having fun in the snow. These sweaters and accessories were made for athletic kids who want to stay warm while being active when it’s nippy out. From sweatsuits to varsity crewnecks, your kids will always be rooting for the winning team.

Shop Bear The Light

9. Healthy Roots Doll

Your child loves their hair, and to ensure they continue to do so the best thing you can do is to give them this doll that will send their confidence sky-high. Your child will enjoy styling Zoe’s hair which will help encourage them to style their own hair. This doll is educational and it offers hours of fun as your child will learn how to wash, style, and braid hair.

Get a Healthy Roots Doll for $60

10. Coal & Terry

Two little girls wearing t-shirts, one green and one orange.
Credit: Coal & Terry

Soft apparel for kids featuring slogans and countries of the World.

If you're looking for a balance of vintage loungewear that fits everyone in the family from the infants to the grandparents, you will appreciate Coal & Terry. This family-owned business first started selling vintage clothing on eBay and after much success, they launched independently. Now, your kids and the rest of your family can wear cool designs in robust color schemes that work for everyday activities.

Shop Coal & Terry

11. Lingo Coding Kit

Embrace your child’s inner genius with this STEM kit that will allow your child to unlock inventions that they have only dreamed about. This kit comes with a booklet, component kit, and a micro-controller board. These tools will allow your child to create a prototype of a driverless car! With over 20 hours of instructions and education, your child will be learn pivotal solutions within the STEM framework.

Get a Lingo Coding Kit for $69.99

12. Playtime Edventures

Let’s face it, putting kids to sleep can be a hassle—especially if your kids like to test their boundaries when it is bedtime. You can make bedtime more exciting by switching their bedding into an adventure. These interactive bed sheets will have your kids wanting to go to bed on time! The Playtime Edventures sheets allow your children to play games like checkers and word puzzle games. It’s better than television or their tablet and it’s a great way for them to unwind at night in their room.

Get a set of Playtime Edventures bedsheets starting at $29.99

13. Because Of Them We Can subscription box

Photo of Because of Them We Can subscription box contents
Credit: Because of Them We Can

A subscription box focused on notable Black Americans.

Celebrate Black history every month with these specialty boxes. Each box includes toys and educational tools that promote a variety of Black culture and historical references, including the Harlem Renaissance. The themed boxes also come with apparel, pins, stickers, and learning tools for kids and parents to encourage a rich curriculum of history while learning about American heroes.

Get a Because Of Them We Can box for $39.99

14. Black Toy Store

Black Panther action figure and a box of Crayola Crayons
Credit: Black Toy Store

Shop Black Toy Store for representative toys for kids of all ages and races.

It can be hard to find Black-owned toys and gifts, and you might not have the time to research the internet looking for what you need. Now you can find just about any toy your children may want that is either made by a Black-owned company or that promotes diversity. Whether you are looking for some Black Panther toys or some Crayons that have a variety of darker skintone options, the Black Toy Store is your answer.

Shop the Black Toy Store

15. The Word Changes

A girl wearing a purple t-shirt that says LOVE, and a girl wearing a pink t-shirt that says JOY
Credit: The Word Changes

Inspirational t-shirts that will spark meaningful conversation.

Antoinette Rodney-Celestine created a fashion brand that is meant to motivate kids as well as families. Each top has an inspirational word on which is perfect for kids that need extra encouragement. The shirts are colorful and of high-quality and will survive all the craft and food stains your children will get on them.

Shop The Word Changes

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