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Hello Genius offers a learning app with a real world component

Kids can find their passion with this soon-to-launch program.

Hello Genius learning Credit: Hello Genius

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There are lots of apps and programs out there that claim to be educational, but after eight years as a parent I can say that most of them are underwhelming. That's why I was skeptical when I heard about Hello Genius, a new AI-powered kids learning app debuting at CES this month.

I assumed that Hello Genius was going to be another program that held my children's attention for a few minutes, taught them very little valuable information, and ended up being erased from their iPads a few weeks later because it took up too much space. I'm happy to report that I was dead wrong.

How does Hello Genius work?

Created by two dads who were worried about screen time and how traditional education doesn't work for certain kids, Hello Genius is a brilliant combination of an engaging learning program for kids, plus a companion app for parents. Now, I know what you're thinking: "That already exists!" Yes, the concept of the two-apps-in-one exists, but Hello Genius has taken it to a new level.

The basic idea behind Hello Genius is that what the child learns is driven by their interests. Each time your child clicks on something that piques their interest, the program provides age-appropriate information that the child can keep diving into more deeply. As your child uses the program more, the Hello Genius algorithm learns more about the specific subjects that interest them most, and tailors the content accordingly.

The content that kids have to choose from is wide and varied: There are videos they can watch, photos they can click and explore, books they can read, and a feature that will read the information that Hello Genius pulls up. Kids can also use the microphone to tell Hello Genius what they want to know about, which is great for younger users who can't yet read or type. Kids can also send their parents links to the things they're learning about, and can call or video chat other Hello Genius users through the app.

Is the Hello Genius parent app any good?

What makes the parent app unique is that it's not just a boring screenshot of statistics showing how much time your kids spent cruising Hello Genius. Of course it shows the stats and all of the content that your child consumed, but the feature that really sets it apart is that it makes location-based, real-world suggestions of activities you can do with your children—like museum exhibits, hikes, or stage shows—based on their particular interests.

As a parent who is constantly looking for ways to get my kids off of their devices and out doing other things, this is the feature that really makes Hello Genius a "win" in my book. Plus I can see how great the suggestions will be when we can travel again and are looking for age-appropriate activities in other parts of the world.

When will Hello Genius be available?

Hello Genius is on track to launch on April 1, 2021. The cost for a subscription will be around $30 per month, and for every paid subscription, the company will donate a free subscription to a child in a developing nation.

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