Summer camp canceled due to coronavirus? Here’s what parents can do

62 ways to keep campers happy at home

Kids roasting marshmallows at summer camp Credit: Getty Images / LightFieldStudios

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Summer camps in a number of states have had to cancel their programming due to COVID-19 restrictions, which has left many parents asking: "What will our kids do this summer—and how are we possibly going to entertain them?!"

Parents, children, and counselors are bemoaning the loss of the treasured summer rite, and many of us are desperate to break up the monotony of the past few months. While traditional summer camp may not be an option, we've found a great selection of virtual camps, summer classes, and even camps-in-a-box, that are sure to keep them occupied all summer long.

1. Happy Camper Live

Ages: 5 to 18
Cost: $4.99 a month

One of the most comprehensive virtual camp experiences out there, Happy Camper Live is a multi-media portal to a true camp experience. There are hundreds of camp adventures and experiences to choose from to customize your kiddo's camp experience. Kids can flip out with a world-class gymnast, spike a volleyball with a national high school champion or learn a new art, craft, or musical instrument.

Kids will learn from real coaches, experts, and camp counselors through live daily broadcasts and prerecorded activities. There is also a 40-plus episode virtual camp web series to immerse kids' imagination in the world of summer camp. Kids can also get "camp famous" by uploading videos to the Happy Camper Live community to be shown to other campers around the "world's biggest campfire."

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2. Kallpachay Spanish language camp

Ages: 3 to 14
Cost: $225 per week

The Kallapachay summer curriculum includes Magnificent Planet of Guatemala, Animal Habitats of Bolivia, and Musical Rhythms of Venezuela with weekly sign-ups going through the end of July. Central to all of Kallapachy's classes, the focus is on speaking practice through games to help campers enjoy and advance at learning Spanish as a second language.

Before camp begins, counselors connect with families to assess a camper's competency level. Youngest campers will be in a groups of four, while older kids will be in groups of six or fewer. The two-hour class works as teams and every Wednesday they have fun spirit days including Silly Taco Day, Cowboys vs. Aliens, Animal Parade, Board Game Day, Music Day and more.

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3. Camp Supernow

Ages: 5 to 11
Cost: $199 for two weeks

Camp Supernow offers week-long Zoom camps for children ages 5 to 11. In an effort to mimic the bonding experience kids would otherwise have at sleepaway camp, the camp allows you to meet your "cabinmates" and go through a different theme each day with the same group of kids. Sessions meet for one hour daily and emphasize movement, art, creativity, communication and connection.

Kids will expand their imaginations, spark their creativity, and stay connected to friends—while parents get a little break. We love that this camp comes up with groups and curriculum that are age-specific and keeps campers with other kids at their grade level. The curriculum really hones the abilities and the attention span of your little—or big—camper.

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4. Act One Theatre Camp

Ages: 6 to 15
Cost: $650 for three weeks

Located only a couple miles from Hollywood, California, this camp has some seriously credentialed thespians teaching kids through this virtual camp experience. Act One promises a "dynamic and interactive theatre experience" for children and teens, ages 6 to 15.

Each camp session is three weeks long and focuses on different themes, with additional spirit days like “Thursday Trivia” and “Dress Up Day Fridays.” Students spend each and every day acting, singing, dancing, and more... all online.

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5. Outschool

Ages: 3 to 18
Cost: Varies depending on course

The marketplace of live, online classes for kids taught via video chat, Outschool is offering a full range of online summer camps for kids. Sample camps include: Space Camp, Rocket League Club, Beginning Baton Twirling, Monsters, Robots and Aliens—and so many more. There are over 15,000 live Outschool classes to choose from, all conducted in small groups over Zoom and taught by independent teachers.

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6. Guardian Adventure Camp

Ages: 5 to 19
Cost: $595 to $928 per week; monthly fees vary

Wizards, warriors, and zombies—with Guardian Adventure Camp, the quest awaits! This fantasy and zombie-themed summer camp will pack the fun of its live camps into five days of online adventure where young heroes can make new friends and save the world. From STEM-based experiments, to virtual sword-skills, to online NERF battles, this camp option offers interactive fantasy adventures to capture your child's focus and inspire their imagination.

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7. Smart Buddies Virtual Camp-in-a-Box

Ages: 7 to 11
Cost: $179 for two weeks

Campers will receive a Smart Buddies coding robot of choice and all learning materials and apps to get them started in this coding camp. Campers meet twice a day for two weeks over Zoom to partake in activities, social fun, and coding assignments.

Smart Buddies is dedicated to making this camp as much of a social experience as possible. At the end of camp, kids get certified as a “junior coder,” have made pen pal buddies for life, and have new skills and knowledge to bring into their classrooms in the fall.

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8. Written Out Loud

Ages: 8 to 17
Cost: $250 per week

The storytelling school Written Out Loud has converted its program to a virtual storytelling workshop. Written Out Loud was founded in 2018 by Hollywood filmmaker Josh Shelov, modeled after a seminar he taught at Yale, and offers classes for kids 8 to 17 that combine a range of disciplines such as creative writing, film-making, and even improv comedy.

With a curriculum that examines the components of favorites from "Toy Story" to "Stranger Things," participants will join Storytelling Crews and learn the art of effective storytelling. The camp will also focus on “creative consensus-building” skills and writing a collective original story, complete with its own "trailer.”

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9. Black Rocket

Ages: 8 to 14
Cost: $159 per week

Black Rocket, a cutting-edge technology camp for children 8 to 14, has retooled their STEM and eSports camp programs with complete virtual instruction. Black Rocket programs are all taught live by virtual instructors for three to six hours a day, giving parents some crucial down time.

There are over 30 tech courses in coding, app design, video game creation, virtual reality, and more to choose from. Plus, students can also virtually socialize with kids across the globe during live eSports competitions at 4 p.m. EST every day for free—even without course enrollment.

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10. Got Game Summer Academy

Ages: 4 to 12
Cost: $195 per week

With a focus on reading, writing comprehension, and math, Got Game will help your kids stay academically on track while still having fun, in an energized virtual learning environment. Kids will receive personalized attention from teachers while also participating in games that center around communication and collaboration on group projects, and building individual skills.

Got Game started hosting daily classes and team building activities within days of social distancing, so they have really honed their virtual teaching skills—bringing lots of individual attention and fun to each class.

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11. Theater 360

Ages: 6 to 18
Cost: $130 per week

Theatre 360 is an award-winning, internationally recognized children’s theatre company for children ages 6 to 18 that's known for churning out polished performers. Since 2000, this camp has trained thousands of students and has sent them off to some of the best performing arts colleges in the country and then onto careers on Broadway, Off-Broadway, television shows, and independent films.

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12. Woodcraft Rangers

Ages: 7 to 13
Cost: $100

Woodcraft Rangers is a nonprofit organization that has served youth in Los Angeles for nearly 100 years. Typically, their summer camps bring hundreds of kids to area mountains to explore, connect, play and grow together, but this year they are planning to offer camp for the whole family through Camp on Delivery (COD), to give families a woodsy, summer camp experience at home.

The camp kit comes with a full weekend of activities (including s'mores) so campers can participate in camp rituals and activities led by Woodcraft Camp staff online at set times. For parents looking for regular nature education content, Woodcraft Rangers will also deliver weekly activities curated by WR youth development staff to mobile devices all summer long. Text BIRCH to 56512 to sign up and receive updates and program registration information as soon as it is available.

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13. Boy Scouts of America

Ages: 6 to 20
Cost: $20 to $55 per event

Boy Scouts of America will host virtual camps through some of their local chapters, but invite non-locals and non-Scouts to join, too. Some upcoming camps include the Circle Ten Council’s At-Home Day Camp in Dallas, Texas and the Capitol Area Council’s 2020 Cub Scout Day Camp in Austin, which will include such events as "Weird Science" and the "Great Outdoor Adventure."

For Scouts who are hoping to move up in the ranks, or for a child that wants to get into Scouting, Crossroads of America Cub Scout Adventure (Indianapolis) will be offering Scouting-in-a-Box with rank-specific boxes and scouting activities.

14. Baketivity, Bake-A-Camp

Ages: 6 to 11
Cost: $199 for all four boxes

Baketivity is on a mission this summer to help build tasty skills with a baking camp-in-a-box for kids. Bake-A-Camp helps kids play, learn, create and develop new skills through baking, with the best baker-approved tips and techniques. Bake-A-Camp is a parent-led, skill-building camp that takes place over the course of four weeks. Each week campers will receive one skill-building box. Each box builds upon the last until, at week four, your child graduates as a master Baketivity baker.

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15. Camp Kiwi Co

Ages: 3 to 11
Cost: $24.95 to $29.95 per box

Kiwi Crates
Credit: Reviewed / Lisa Lawrence

Camp Kiwi Co delivers fun activities right to your door all summer long.

Camp KiwiCo is offering a “summer camp in a crate” this summer. KiwiCo's camp in a crate will deliver four different weeks of hands-on activities, programming, and content.

Every day of Camp KiwiCo is structured around a specific crate and theme, with additional free content that includes videos, DIY activities, and downloadable printables to complement and supplement the hands-on project in the crate. Each camp week is meant to cover five days (approximately four hours of activities each day), but kids can mix and match, choose your own adventure, and go at their own pace.

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16. Little Passports

Ages: 5 to 10
Cost: $124 to $150 per week

A parent-led summer camp at home, Little Passports is offering two summer camp options. Their World Edition, for kids ages 6 to 10, takes kids on trips around the globe, stopping to explore destinations. Science Junior, for kids ages 5 to 8, is a science camp in your kitchen. All "camps" promise to keep kids engaged for three to four hours a day for six days, and both have additional digital content including online tutorials, how-to-draw activities, and a camp book club.

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17. Camp Tech Revolution Online

Ages: 6 to 14
Cost: $299 per week

Camp Tech Revolution Online has over 35 different hands-on classes in cutting-edge STEM topics, from Math Olympics, to Minecraft, to Digital Music. Tech Revolution’s curricula is designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced campers in all age groups, so campers can progress each week. Each Tech Camp meets for three hours per day and features all live, online instruction—with a max staff to camper ratio of 1:8.

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18. Camp Wonderopolis

Ages: All ages, with a focus on grades 2 through 8
Cost: Free

This free online summer-learning destination is full of fun, interactive STEM- and literacy-building topics boosted by Maker experiments. Keeping kids and their families learning together throughout the summer and out-of-school time, Camp Wonderopolis can help build vocabulary, background knowledge in science, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and other literacy skills along the way.

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19. Little Medical School

Ages: 6 to 12
Cost: $119 per week

If your child has an inner Florence Nightingale or Doogie Howser, this is the camp for them. Ideal for kids ages 6 to 12, there are programs for aspiring vets, pediatricians, and sports doctors. These weeklong, two-hour-a-day camps will conduct their online curriculum through role-playing, and kids will learn practical skills such as how to identify sports-related injuries, how to burp a baby, and how to clean a dog's ears.

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20. United States Tennis Association Virtual Camp

Ages: All ages
Cost: Free

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) has an entire online tennis and math curriculum for kids through its Net Generation, Tennis At Home program. You'll find tennis tips, fun activities, and tennis-themed educational content to keep everyone in the family mentally and physically active. USTA is also conducting weekly live workouts every Friday at 1 p.m.

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21. World Class Cheer Camp

Ages: Ages 3 and up
Cost: $125 for six weeks

This virtual cheer camp will move your athletes ahead this summer with an energized six-week training course. This virtual camp will have live sessions that focus on stunt conditioning, crowd-leading, motion and jump training and more. By the end of the camp, athletes will learn 30 cheers and six dance routines. This one caters to kids as young as 3 or 4, right on through to college.

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22. Challenger Sports Soccer Camp

Ages: 3 and up
Cost: $49 per week

This Zoom-based skill-enhancing soccer camp is for kids ages 3 through their teens. Challenger Sports has partnered with the TopYa! soccer training phone app to bring kids customizable soccer instruction throughout the summer. Kids will be able to learn from and interact with their coach through daily two-hour sessions (one hour for kids 3 to 5).

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23. Virtual All Sorts of Sports Camp

Ages: 5 to 18
Cost: $48 per week

From soccer to football, martial arts to basketball, and volleyball to baseball, the Virtual All Sorts of Sports Camp believes in exposing kids to all sorts of sports at a young age for a cross-training, multi-sport summer camp experience. Hosted by the National Academy of Athletics, the All Sorts of Sports Camp believes that even though we may not be able to get out onto the field or we are stuck at home, it doesn't mean you can’t keep working on becoming a better player.

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24. KidstoPros LIVE

Ages: 5 to 18
Cost: $150 to $250 per week

KidstoPros LIVE has dozens of online camps for students in grades K through 12. Taught in real time by professional instructors to groups of 10 or fewer students, their weeklong camps provide structure as well as the interaction all of our kids are craving. Camps for grades K through 5 include a combination of activities across STEM, Art and Sports—including LEGO Masters, Hip Hop Dancing, Scratch Coding, Chess, an array of game design classes, and many others. There are also coding bootcamps for grades 6 through 12, for kids who have their eyes on a high-tech future.

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25. Woof Wag Dogs dog training camp

Ages: Suggested age is 9 to 13, but they will customize
Cost: $182 per week

This interactive online camp is perfect for the animal-loving kid. Your dog may even be better behaved by the end since this virtual camp that promotes positive dog training. Each day campers will have a theme to keep your child and dog engaged in fun and educational activities. It's not all work though: The camp also offers fun activities like tutorials on baking doggie treats and making dog toys.

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26. Best Buy’s Geek Squad Academy

Ages: 9 to 18
Cost: Free

Wouldn't it be cool to have your own Geek at home? Best Buy’s Geek Squad Academy has launched a downloadable virtual set of tools for kids ages 9 to 18 who want to develop their tech skills. Classes including lessons on binary numbers systems, Godot game engines, mobile photography, and website creation. The virtual instruction is set up so kids can teach themselves with downloadable lesson plans, giving focused guidance to motivated kids who want to take their tech skills to the next level.

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27. Camp Hullabaloo

Ages: 2 to 8
Cost: $15.95 per week

The Hullabaloo Book Company offers Camp Hullabaloo to inspire young readers ages 2 through 8. Over the course of 12 themed weeks, campers will receive a brand new book each week, plus a selection of kid and family-friendly activities and craft ideas that correspond with the week's book and theme.

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28. San Diego Museum of Art

Ages: 6 to 10
Cost: $120 per week

From early elementary multimedia art exploration, to exploring wearable art, to sculpture, each of the courses in this virtual camp experience are inspired by works on display at the San Diego Museum of Art. Designed for grades 1 to 5, the camps are led by artist instructors, and allow young artists to explore art activities, a variety of media, and take virtual trips to the museum to view exhibitions.

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29. Interlochen Arts and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Ages: 7 to 18
Cost: $1,950 to $2,950 for three weeks

Interlochen Center for the Arts will offer a terrific repertoire of online arts offerings, but where it's really going to shine this summer is through its collaboration with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Over the course of three weeks, musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra will work closely with Interlochen campers, providing them with workshops on orchestral repertoire for all instrumentalists of intermediate and high school levels.

They will also provide tips for performance careers, including practice habits and audition preparation. The musicians of the famed orchestra will also record movements of select chamber music for small ensembles that students can practice and listen to. There will also be virtual recitals by professional musicians and Interlochen faculty, as well as a leadership roundtable with Detroit Symphony Orchestra management and educational personnel to talk to students about a life in the arts.

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30. Teachers Who Tutor

Ages: 5 to 18
Cost: $525 per week

Offering fun, interactive classes that range from fundamentals to electives, the Teachers Who Tutor summer program covers grade-specific fundamentals for grades K through 5, as well as a wide range of electives for grades K through 12. Each hour-long class will be capped at five students to ensure that every child receives individualized instruction. If you want to keep your kid connected to classmates, parents can coordinate their own set group of children, or they can match kids together.

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31. Healthy Teens

Ages: 12 to 14
Cost: Free

Make sure your tweens and teens stay socially connected this summer. Healthy Teens offers virtual programs for summer camp, with programs including book discussions and writing, cooking basics and challenges, LEGO challenges, photography, theater, and wellness programs.

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32. WIT Summer Entrepreneur Program

Ages: 12 to 18
Cost: $1,750 for four weeks (financial aid is available)

Camp WIT provides tweens and teens a chance to connect with entrepreneurs who have turned their passion into purpose and their hobby into a career. The Whatever It Takes (WIT) organization focuses heavily on empowering teens to make a difference, develop as leaders, and even launch businesses. All of the WIT activity leaders are entrepreneurs from different fields and industries, including podcast hosts, celebrity stylists, film directors, Top Chefs, extreme athletes and bestselling authors. Teens and tweens will get inspired for future possibilities through this program.

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33. Camp Kinda

Ages: K-8
Cost: Free
School’s out—but in most places libraries are locked, parks are closed, camps are cancelled, and everyone’s still home. Without something interesting for kids to do each day, it’s going to be a long summer for everyone. Enter Camp Kinda, a free virtual summer experience designed to keep kids in grades K-8 engaged, curious, and having fun, all summer long. It’s like summer camp… kinda.

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33. Varsity Tutors

Ages: K-12
Cost: Free
A 100% free way to keep young minds active. Need something to keep your K-12 kids busy this summer? Help them make the most of their break with interactive camps taught by expert instructors. Each camp consists of five sessions, starting on Monday and ending on Friday. Sign up for one camp, or all of them! New camps are added every day so be sure to check back often.

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34. MDA Virtual Explorers

Ages: 8 to 17
Cost: Free
For Muscular Dystrophy Association campers, adventure still awaits! This summer, when you would have gone to camp, there will be sessions just for you and your friends. Campers will be able to hang out with their camp friends, do special activities, and learn new skills. MDA Virtual Explorers is an online program that will bring the magic of camp to kids from the Muscular Dystrophy Association community, from wherever they are! This program will be a way to share experiences and stay connected. New activities will be posted every Monday at about 3 p.m. ET.

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35. Broadway Teaches Kids - The Children’s Performing Arts Virtual Camp

Ages: 5 to 12
Cost: $400 per week. Early bird and multiple child discounts offered
Co-founded by Mom and finance executive Suzanne Murphy and Tony-nominated, world-renowned producer/director/choreographer and master teacher Michèle Assaf, BTK will offer a virtual summer camp for students ages 5 to 12 years old. The virtual summer camp will have an arts focus and all classes will be taught by talented professional artists who are out of work due to the COVID-19 emergency, including Tony-award-winning actors and principal dancers from the New York City Ballet. The tuition will go to support the faculty and any overage to a charity that supports these artists.

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36. MarcoPolo World School

Ages: 3 to 7
Cost: Free for 30 days, $9.99 per month after trial period
MarcoPolo World School is a fun digital learning platform with a STEAM curriculum that inspires children to become explorers and lifelong learners. It offers children ages 3-7 over 500 premium video lessons and 3,000 interactive learning activities with real-world footage and stimulating games. Get free 30-day access this summer with the 30-day free trial link.

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37. Met Opera Global Summer Camp

Ages: 3rd grade to 12th grade
Cost: Free
The Met Opera has announced an unprecedented music educational initiative to engage and support students worldwide during the summer months: the Met Opera Global Summer Camp. The free, eight-week online summer camp allows students to continue music learning and exploration. Running from June 15 to August 7, the program includes a featured opera each week from the Met’s extensive digital library complemented by hands-on creative projects, instruction from core music educators and teaching artists, and opportunities to speak directly to Met artists.

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38. EdJewCorp

Ages: Middle and High School
Cost: Free
EdJewCorp is hosting two great summer online competitions for middle and high school students, to help Jewish kids stay connected with their heritage—and have a bit of fun this summer. They will be hosting a Jewish history tournament, and a stock-picking challenge focused on publicly traded Israeli companies. Both contests are free. The EdJewCorp Jewish History Tournament will be a recurring, summer-long, video conference-based game that tests the knowledge of students in North America and abroad in biblical, medieval, and modern Jewish history. The inaugural challenge begins on Sunday, June 14th, at noon EDT.

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39. Camp Good Work House

Ages: Middle and High School
Cost: $150 per week ($100 if you sign up by end of day May 30)
Camp Good Work House wants to help kids use summer camp as a means for becoming a force of good—and that's exactly what they are using as a theme for this year's summer program. A summer camp for middle and high school students designed from the ground up as a digital experience, this camp was created by the crew of creators, influencers, artists, and entrepreneurs at Good Work House in Venice, CA. Their "Becoming a Force for Good" will cover how to be good to yourself, your neighbor, your community, and the world. Kids will be part of pods (12-15 kids that connect in small groups) and will also have access to three hours of live, instructor-led sessions per day on topics ranging from photography, to wellness (including digital wellness), to cooking, and songwriting.

Good Work House is a project of Haiti Partners, a non-profit organization focused on education. All proceeds go to continuing the mission of the project and organization. Their goal is to have 25% of their campers come from underserved communities and be on full scholarship, so be sure to pass it on!

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40. Numerade

Ages: Middle, High School, and college
Cost: Free
Perfect for enhancing your child's knowledge of STEM subjects, Numerade—an online education platform founded with a mission to provide equitable access to high-quality STEM instruction—is offering free, virtual STEM summer camps open to students at the middle, high school, and college levels. Course offerings include SAT Test Prep, Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics, all taught by top-ranked STEM PhDs, college professors, and high school teachers. Each week during the summer, students will receive a new batch of lessons covering interesting and relevant topics, presented in short, digestible video clips, from SAT prep to calculus to chemistry and physics. Numerade’s video-based instruction makes learning accessible and engaging.

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41. Young Art

Ages: K-6
Cost: $79 per week
A passionate, vibrant, and community-focused art camp, Young Art thinks it's just as important to use art as a means for good as it is for creative expression. This is a comprehensive, community-minded camp that will take kids through a wide array of artistic mediums and will incorporate lessons with a healthy dose of STEAM—from painting, to Lego-building, jewelry-making, to clay to horticulture—to get kids understanding the ways in which the arts and the sciences are connected. This one is a favorite camp of this writer and highly recommended.

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42. Raddish Kids

Ages: 8 to 13
Cost: $79 per week
You love their cooking boxes—but this camp-in-a-box is taking things one step further with a fully interactive experience that doesn't require a parent-lead experience. Raddish Kids, the leading authority on teaching kids to cook, has teamed up with Outschool, the site dedicated to online classes for kids taught via video chat, to offer for the first time, week-long virtual summer classes. For ages 8 to 13, these fun classes help instill life skills and make learning delicious. The camps include “Restaurant Camp”, “Around the World”, "Bake Shop" and “Summer Fun”. See Raddish Kids on Outschool for more info.

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43. Kids Like Me

Ages: 6 to 21
Cost: $105 to $300 per week
Kids on the Autism spectrum need to keep up with social interactions just like anyone else, and Kids Like Me summer camp is specially tailored for your ASD child. During these online summer camps, neuro-diverse 6-21 year olds with autism spectrum disorder and other special needs will be provided a safe and enriching atmosphere to engage, experience, and explore. With three offerings to choose from, each camper is matched to ensure an appropriate peer group for learning and fun. Campers will participate in a wide range of fun activities, such as social skills, fun & fitness, engaging games, science experiments, arts & crafts, and so much more! Siblings are welcome.

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44. Remote Rhythmics

Ages: 4 to 11
Cost: Between $115 to $345 per week
With more than 100 exciting and engaging activities for your child’s summer, this highly interactive online camp promises to keep your child active, engaged, and happy while home this summer. With nearly 20 years of experience hosting successful sports camps for children, they know how to make fitness fun and fresh. Your child will have a blast moving with friends and will build confidence and life-skills in team activities that range from gymnastics, to dance, to STEM, to arts, to cooking.

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45. Annenberg PetSpace Kids Camp Online

Ages: 8 to 11
Cost: $125 per week
Annenberg PetSpace Kids Camp Online offers a variety of fun and informative learning opportunities from home that engage your camper in learning about the human-animal bond. The one-week experience is designed for campers ages 8 to 11 and each daily itinerary explores a variety of themes through playful activities, interactive games, demonstrations, and videos. Topics covered during camp include: animal health, behavior, grooming, nutrition, and more. Campers will virtually meet a variety of adoptable animals and learn how to be responsible pet owners.

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46. Destination Science

Ages: 5 to 11
Cost: $200 per week
Destination Science is the stop for STEM science-loving kids. Kids join a Destination Science teacher LIVE online Monday through Friday for two full hours of hands-on STEM fun. Each camper will receive a science supply kit for the topic of their choice, and they can look forward to exploring STEM science through games, challenges, building, and fun. While this camp does focus on Zoom meetings, the fun continues with pre-recorded step-by-step video guides designed to assist your child with an additional 30 minutes per day of project building at their pace.

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47. iD Tech

Ages: 7 to 19
Cost: $399 per week
This is some elite online learning, with live, motivating instructors from Stanford, Caltech, and UCLA. With live instruction, peer collaboration, and guaranteed small classes with five students max, this coding camp promises personalized instruction that will "turn Zoom fatigue on its head." Topics include Roblox, Minecraft, Python, Scratch and creative arts.

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48. Trackers Online Earth Camps

Ages: 4 to adult
Cost: $5 to $30 per class
While everyone is feeling disconnected, Trackers Online is focused on rekindling a camper's relationship with the earth around them. Trackers consider themselves champions of land and village. Their courses are focused on celebrating the earth, with such offerings as "Earth Ninjas", "Ranger Adventures", and "Wizard Academy." Trackers Online camps are live, small group interactive webinars—some last a week, and many are one-off day classes. Each staff member is background checked, trained and approved Trackers Teachers and Guides.

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49. Groundlings Summer Teen Improv Camps

Ages: 10 to 13 & 14 to 18
Cost: $45 for one-day classes, $225 for weeklong classes
Have your kid train with the esteemed Groundlings improv troop, no matter where you are. These lively 5-session Zoom workshops get tweens and teens on their feet working on characters, improvisation, and acting through a variety of fun games and improv exercises. On the last day, parents and friends are invited to join the class online and observe the final 30 minutes in an “open class” format.

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50. Camp Pinniped at Home

Ages: 8 to 11
Cost: $229 per week
Camp Pinniped at Home is a week long program for kids, ages 8 to 12, which investigates marine science through the world of marine mammals. Children learn about the amazing diversity of marine mammals throughout the week. Online camp is full of fun, interactive activities and STEM oriented topics to keep kids learning. Through a series of live chats, videos, presentations and activities, children will learn how we rescue and rehabilitate the center's seal and sea lion patients. They will also dive in and learn about different careers in marine science, hearing from professionals about what their job is like. Each day has a different marine mammal theme in order to provide a well-rounded study of our ocean environment.

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51. Write the World's Virtual Writing Camp

Ages: 13 to 18
Cost: $250 per week
This July, young writers ages 13 to 18 can dive into the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genres while building their writing skills and connecting with peers around the world in a supportive and structured online summer writing camp hosted by Write the World. Participants will respond to daily writing prompts and provide peer reviews and feedback to their fellow campers while engaging in a combination of independent writing activities and group meetings. They’ll receive daily individualized feedback and mentorship from Write the World’s Expert Reviewers, a team of education and writing professionals, as well as receive guidance from a special guest author.

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52. Summer of Sound

Ages: 13 and older
Cost: Free
The Department of Sound has taken their introductory music program, which provides the basics of music and podcast production, and turned it into a special summertime event for kids, which runs the entire summer. In partnership with Soundtrap, A Spotify Company, Summer of Sound is a self-paced program complete with all the tools students need to learn everything from crafting their own songs to starting their own podcast.

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53. Free Forest School Everyday Outside

Ages: 5 to 10
Cost: Free
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54. CodeWizardsHQ

Ages: 8 to 18
Cost: 3 payments of $149 for 12 weeks
CodeWizardsHQ offers live, online coding classes for kids ages 8 to 18. These classes are taught by developers with tech industry experience who use structured, comprehensive curriculums to help kids master programming skills in a fun, exploratory environment. The CodeWizardsHQ team pairs real-world coding tools with their own proprietary coding platform featuring a gamified reward system to make it fun for kids and teens to learn. Students can access this coding platform at any time and communicate with their teachers via direct messaging and free office hours, allowing them to continue to explore, learn, and play outside of the virtual classroom.

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55. PCC Community Markets Kids' Cooking Camps

Ages: 8 to 15
Cost: $150 per week
For five days, campers will explore local and global cuisines while practicing foundational cooking techniques at home. Kids will be able to cook along with seasoned instructors, ask questions, and share their creations with the group as they gain confidence in the kitchen. Sessions are offered via Zoom. Recipes are emailed in advance, along with prep and equipment lists.

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56. Camp Bonkers

Ages: 5 to 12
Cost: Free
Have your kids pack your bags, grab the sunscreen, and report to… YouTube!? That’s right, Camp Bonkers is a new, irreverent and fun digital twist on summer camp, offering kids a safe, interactive and creative space online in the comfort of their own homes. Developed by Wind Sun Sky, the creative team behind smash hits like Angry Birds, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Ice Age, and My Singing Monsters, every day at Camp Bonkers is different. Kids can hang out with friends, play games, go on adventures, sing songs, make fun food, conduct a cool science experiment and so much more! There are three live shows per week for kids to get involved with, including Make-It-Mondays, What-A-World Wednesdays, and Fun-Time Fridays.

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57. NatGeo Family Camp

Ages: 5 to 12
Cost: Free
Each week of the Nat Geo Family Camp series, there will be two activities that kids would associate with a traditional camp experience, such as swimming in lakes, sleeping in cabins, participating in talent shows, meeting new friends, and doing campfire activities, that will all translate into activities kids can do at home, either with parents or siblings. The series is meant to help foster the same life skills—confidence, independence, teamwork, communication, leadership—that children typically bring home from camp, with particular activities associated with each theme.

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58. Osmo Live Bootcamps

Ages: 5 to 11
Cost: $149
New Osmo Live Bootcamps focus on Art & Creativity, Coding, and Math. These 6-week long, hands-on interactive classes use the new Osmo Live platform for live learning. Kids ages 5 to 11 are taught by world-class instructors for one hour each week, with and additional two to three hours of extended learning activities. In Art & Creativity, kids bring out their creative side by learning drawing techniques; in Coding, they start developing critical STEM skills; and in Math, they explore how math makes up everything in our world, from flowers to planetary orbits.

While sessions are not private, they include immediate, personalized feedback. Kids can join by desktop computer or tablet. Osmo is an award-winning STEAM brand now used in over 35,000 U.S. elementary school classrooms.

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59. bümo Virtual School (BVS)

Ages: 3 to 6
Cost: $128
Founded by Korean-American lifestyle influencer Chriselle Lim, and United Nations-recognized Academic Joan Nguyen, BVS was created by the moms to provide a quality online learning option for parents. Backed by MIT Learning Lab experts, BVS offers two programs, and includes a monthly bümoBOX filled with complimentary products as an added benefit. The learning camp offers programs that include reading and phonics, chemistry, and art. The programs last five weeks with one 30-minute session a week. Classes have a maximum of six students to ensure children have as much 1:1 time with their educators as possible.

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60. Camp OshKosh

Ages: 2 to 10
Cost: Free
The iconic kid brand, OshKosh B’Gosh, has teamed up with model, actress, and TikTok maven, Molly Sims, to create a free 4-week virtual summer camp for families. Each week, the brand is sharing a variety of family-friendly, easy-to-do activities at home. With Simms as co-counselor, she will join in to share some of her own favorite camp memories, like camping, how to tie-die, and how to make the perfect s’mores in the back yard.

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61. GoldieBlox Curiosity Camp

Ages: 6 to 12
Cost: Free
Developed by media and entertainment company GoldieBlox, Curiosity Camp is a boredom-busting virtual camp for girls ages 6 to 12. Campers navigate their way around Curiosity Camp using a virtual map that encourages them to explore the featured STEAM content and engaging downloadable activities. Along the way, they collect badges to complete their Curiosity Camp experience. Curiosity Camp is designed to keep young minds engaged and entertained with activities, videos, and surprises focused on STEAM learning.

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62. Heal The Planet

Ages: 8 to 12
Cost: Free (a $25 donation is appreciated)
If you are looking for a summer camp that will encourage social responsibility, global leadership, and environmental stewardship, Heal The Planet is the one for your child. The global peace and child empowerment organization is bringing summer camp home through this hands-on, interactive, enrichment program. The 5-week program is designed to engage kids in activities and conversations about race, humanity, environmental responsibility and global leadership and is aimed to help cultivate a responsibility for self, community, and planet.

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