Canon Releases Two MFs and One Compact Printer

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July 2, 2007 – Canon today announced the release of three new printers in its multi-function and compact photo lineups. These printers incorporate new technologies over last year’s models. Two new multi-function units, the Pixma MP210 and the Pixma MP470, both feature an improved Easy-Scroll Wheel and Navi button, standard AutoImage Fix, and a Quick Start feature. These multifunction printers will sell for $79 and $99, respectively. The Selphy CP740, the new compact photo printer replacing the CP720, sells for $99 and features a 2" LCD screen. The multi-function models feature Canon’s new Quick Start feature, which reduces the warm-up time from around a minute on previous models to just a couple of seconds on the MP210 and MP470. Users will be able to print, scan, or copy immediately after pressing the power button.

These new multi-function printers feature four ChromaLife 100 ink colors: one black tank and one integrated three-color cartridge. Both printers are capable of 4800 x 1200 dpi prints produced with two-picoliter (pl) droplets via the FINE print head's 1,472 print nozzles. They can print a 4'x6' photo in 47 seconds. Black text documents print as quickly as 22 seconds per page, while color documents can print at 17 seconds per page. An improved scanner door featues an expandable 'Z-Lid' for scanning bulkier items like books. Canon has also improved upon their popular Easy-Scroll Wheel interface previously featured only on higher-end multi-function printers and added it to the MP210 and MP470. This wheel makes it easy to navigate through the printer’s menu. Also, the Navi button lets you access information on each printer function, and, in an improvement over last year’s models, the button will also bring you to the specific functions.

The MP210 and MP470 printers also feature a brand new technology for Canon called AutoImage Fix, which is accessed through the printer software. This tool analyzes each image, compares it to thousands of other images in the printer's software database, and then applies automatic fixes for lighting, contrast, and color. At a cost of $79, Canon is marketing the MP210 to college students and home snapshot printers. PictBridge and high-speed USB 2.0 ports allow direct printing of photos without a computer connection. This multi-function unit features a two-line display for viewing basic information like number of copies. The MP210 is capable of scanning at 48-bit input/24-bit output and 600 x 1200 dpi.

The MP470, retailing at $99, features a 1.8" LCD screen for menu navigation and image previewing. Photos are printable on the MP470 via memory card slots, a high-speed USB 2.0 port, and a PictBridge connection. Wireless connectivity is optional with the purchase of a Bluetooth adapter for $49.99. The MP470 can produce 48-bit input/24-bit output scans at up to 2400 x 4800 dpi.

 The Selphy CP740 is a very small, compact, portable, dye sublimation printer capable of printing from credit-card-sized to postcard-sized prints directly from memory cards, PictBridge connection, or a computer. A Bluetooth adapter for wirless connection is optional. Like the rest of the Selphy line, it is intended for taking on the go to events such as scrapbook parties. It improves upon its predecessor, the CP720, with an increase in LCD screen size from 1.5" to 2 inches. It can print a 4"x6" photo in 58 seconds at 28 cents each. The CP740 is available this month for $99.

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