Colour Confidence Launches New Calibration Software

Read about Colour Confidence\'s new software for calibrating monitors and printers, the XR2 and Colour Confidence Profiler.

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April 13, 2007 – UK company Colour Confidence announced today the launch of two software packages, the Studio XR2 and Colour Confidence Profiler, to calibrate monitors and printers. The Colour Confidence Studio XR2 is priced at £149.00 (equivalent to $296 USD), and the Profiler will retail for £499.00 ($893) when they become available in May. The Studio XR2 is marketed as a basic "all-in-one box" color management solution. This package comes with Eye-One Display 2, an X-Rite calibrator that can support multiple monitors. The XR2 bundle also features Kodak’s Colour Management Check-Up Kit to match onscreen color to print color. In addition, the bundle includes Total Balance grey card. The Colour Confidence Profiler is a Mac and Windows-compatible bundle that promises total monitor and printer profiling, a first to offer professional performance at that price point, according to a company press release today. With the ICC output profiling Print Profiler application, users can profile both RGB and CMYK equipment. The Profiler package includes an Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer, a handheld device that measures color due to light reflected from samples and an EFI Color Verifier that measures print accuracy between multiple printers "At Colour Confidence we are committed to demystifying colour management, and making it affordable for as wide an audience as possible is a major part of that," said Colour Confidence Managing Director Geoffrey Clements in a company press release today.

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