Harman Introduces Direct-From-Factory Ordering

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, England-based maker of fine art inkjet papers, including Matt FB Mp, is allowing direct ordering from groups of photographers. The company hopes their Direct2Dealer program will streamline the supply chain of paper for universities and colleges, among other groups. Consumers can order by calling 0800-234-6484. Orders over £45 are shipped free; for smaller orders, £5 shipping fees apply.

Harman is an offshoot of the original Ilford company, and Harman continues to make the company’s film-based products as well as their new inkjet paper line. Matt FB Mp is a baryta-based paper, similar to traditional black-and-white darkroom fiber paper. Harman says that this paper features and extended tonal range and gives the look and feel of photographic paper. It also features Harman’s anti-curl technology.