Lexmark Releases Six New Printers, Including Three Wireless AIOs

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August 21, 2007* – Lexmark International, Inc. announced the release today of six new printers. The Lexmark X6570, X4850, and X7550 ($149, $149, and $199, respectively) are three All-In-One (AIO) wireless printers for the small business / home office market. In addition to wireless capabilities, all three models feature two-sided printing, media card slots, and PictBridge port, among other features. Also available are a single function wireless color printer, the Z1520 for $129.99, and two non-wireless color all-in-ones, the X5070 and X5495, for 89.99 and $99.99, respectively. Other than the X5495, which will be released in  December, all of these printers will be available in September. All three wireless AIOs feature two-side printing, 48-bit scanning, copying, and fax capabilities. The Lexmark toolbar is a web-printing tool that simplifies web-page printing by eliminating unwanted graphics and text. Lexmark’s pigmented, water resistant evercolor2 inks have increased fade- and smudge-resistance. They also feature Lexmark’s Imaging Studio Software for image trimming and resizing, as well one-touch red-eye reduction and color fix. The top of the line, the Lexmark X7550 Wireless All-In-One, has a 25-page automatic document feeder and a 2.4-inch LCD screen. With black text print speeds of 30 pages per minute (ppm) and color speeds of 27 ppm, the X7550 is competitive with other recently released AIOs from Epson, Canon, and HP. The Lexmark X6570 Wireless AIO and X4850 Wireless AIO share many of the same features with the X7550. The X6570 retains the document feeder, while the X4850 retains the 2.4-inch LCD display. Both printers can print as fast as 28 ppm black and 24 ppm color.  Like the wireless AIOs, Lexmark’s single function wireless photo printer, the Z1520, allows users to print directly from camera phones and other wireless devices. Along with print speeds of 30 ppm for black-and-white and 27 ppm for color and costing $129, the Z1520 presents an alternative to other photo printers on the market. 
Lexmark’s budget AIO models, the X5070 and X5495, offer many of the same features as their new wireless cousins, such as memory card slots and a PictBridge port. With its built-in handset, the X5070 is a choice for users needing to send faxes often. Both units also perform photo printing and have auto document feeders for use with the scan, copy, and fax functions. The $89 X5070’s print speeds run as fast as 24 ppm black and 17 ppm color, while the $99 X5495 is a tiny bit faster, at 25 ppm black and 18 ppm color. 
More information on these printers can be found at Lexmark’s website.

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