New Professional Printers from Epson USA

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September 10, 2007* – Epson USA today followed up July’s UK release of the new wide format Stylus Pro printers—the 4880, 7880, 9880 and the 11880—which replace previous versions of these same model numbers. These four printers use an enhanced version of the company’s UltraChrome K3 inks with a new Vivid Magenta. The 4880 can produce prints up to 17 inches wide and will sell for $1,995; the 7880 yields 24-inch-wide prints for $2,995; and the 9880 can handle up to 44-inch-wide paper at a price of $4,995. The 11880, geared toward photo labs and print shops, is Epson’s first 64-inch printer and will sell for $14,995. All four units will be available in October.

The newly redesigned UltraChrome K3 inks allow for enhanced color production, utilizing eight colors—cyan, yellow, vivid magenta, black, light cyan, vivid light magenta, light black, and light light black. The new vivid magenta pigments will help create richer magentas and blues in prints. A new repellent coating in the inks helps prevent ink nozzle clogging. The inks are available in 110-ml or 1220-ml cartridges.

The MicroPiezo Active Meniscus Control (AMC) print head employed by the 4880, 7880, and 9880 uses eight separate channels at 180 nozzles each. The nozzles enable more precise placement of variable-sized droplets down to 3.5 picoliters, while the AMC head controls the shape of every droplet to ensure precise placement. The Thin Film Piezo (TFP) print head on the Stylus Pro 11880 can use nine ink channels at once with 360 nozzles per channel. All four printers employ Epson’s AccuPhoto HD screening technology to achieve a resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi. This allows smoother tonal transitions than was previously possible.

Epson has partnered with ColorBurst to include that company’s RIP software with each of the four new printers, which will enable improved color control with ICC profiles. ColorBurst versions of the Stylus Pro 4880, 7880, 9880, and 11880 are slated for a later, December release, at costs of $2,495, $3,995, $5,995, and $14,995, respectively.

In conjunction with the new printers, Epson has launched a website catering to owners and prospective owners of the new series of Stylus Pro printers.

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