Panasonic Launches Two New Lumix Photo Printers

Panasonic Launches Two New Lumix Photo Printers

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*February 2, 2007 - *Panasonic announced two new printers dedicated to photo printing with Lumix cameras. The KX-PX2 and the KX-PX20, at a tiny 6.8" x 5.2" x 2.7" dimensions, are 300 dpi thermal dye sublimation printers, capable of 4" x 6" and 4" x 7" print sizes. The PX2 has a 1.5" LCD screen, while the PX20 boasts a 3.6" LCD display, both with a wide 170-degree view. The PX-20 also features a dual CPU, which allows two jobs at the same time, such as printing while editing. Both units are capable of PC, camera (PictBridge), and memory card (SD/SDHC) printing, and they can also be connected to a television for viewing. These printers will be available in April 2007. No prices were available with the press release.

The printers can read EXIF data from Lumix cameras to allow the utilization of special modes, such as baby mode and travel mode, with assignable dates, or editing modes, such as night scene, soft skin, and high sensitivity.

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