Ricoh and PrinterOn Announce Wi-Fi HotSpot Printers

Ricoh and PrinterOn create HotSpot printers allowing Wi-Fi enabled users to print from virtually anywhere.

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8th Feb 2008 - Ricoh partnered up with PrinterOn to create two new HotSpot printers:The SP C410DN-KP color printer and the SP 4100N-KP monochrome printer allows Wi-Fi enabled users to print documents from virtually any location and Wifi- equipped device, even a Blackberry.  The SP C410N-KP is available for approximately $2100 and the SP 4100N-KP is available for approximately $1600.

These business-class printers have both a personal website and an email address where users can upload files or email files, respectively, to the printers. In return, the printer emails the user a printing code. This allows the user to enter in the code on the printer keypad and retrieve his or her documents.Ricoh claims because all software is preloaded, Ricoh claims setup time is short and little technical support is needed.

Because the printers don’t need or use any external servers or appliances, and the all printer software is preloaded into the printer, no drivers are necessary for the user to request a print. Users can also require a special password for sensitive documents to ensure no one but the intended user can print them.

It promises to be a convenient system for someone on the go who needs his or her prints when they reach the office or printer location, but may not be convenient for someone who may be far away and inaccessible to the printer.

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