Whats Your Epsonality

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Epson has just launched a new site that helps to match you up with the right Epson printer. Called What's Your Epsonality? the site asks a series of questions about your printing habits, then picks the Epson printer for you. The questions are asked in amusing videos, and ask questions like "Whilst cleaning your attic, you discover a magical mirror with the power to see into the future. When you look into the mirror what is it you see? Do you see the future you printing out creative things?" The user can then rate a number of features in order of importance, and the site uses these answers to offer a suggestion for the right printer. When it has picked the printer, the user can then buy the selected printer, buy it as a gift (presumably if they are answering the questions for someone else) or add it to a wish list.

Epson claims that the new site is about more than just picking features. "Rather than simply looking at features, we want our customers to see their printer a little differently and understand how certain products best meet their needs' says Jeffrey Marks, director of Marketing and Communications, Epson

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