5 must-see shows coming to Netflix in November

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Netflix's November lineup is an interesting mix of comedy and drama. Credit: Pexels

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Netflix is known for producing some of the most spellbinding content available today. When Stranger Things, a show about a faceless monster capable of transporting people to a parallel world, hit the streaming service, I was so hooked I finished the series in a single weekend. I'm still dying to know what happens to Eleven, the girl with unbelievable telekinetic power.

As someone who regularly scopes out Netflix for an ambitious show that pushes the boundaries or a compelling documentary that'll open my eyes to another world, I'm really excited about the new lineup of shows coming out next month. November's going to be an interesting mixture of drama and comedy. If you're into Netflix like me, you'll definitely want to check these shows out.

1. The Crown

This biopic depicts the life of Queen Elizabeth II, the current monarch of the United Kingdom. I'm curious about this series because the Queen of England seems like such a fascinating person and yet the public knows next to nothing about her. But I suspect this show will be an interpretation of her life, not an exact retelling. Still, the period costumes are gorgeous and Matt Smith, who plays the role of Prince Philip, is a top-notch actor. Season one will be available to binge-watch on November 4th.

2. Dana Carvey: Straight White Male, 60

I always connected with Dana Carvey's portrayal of Garth, the anxious drummer from Wayne's World. He may have been a timid character, but when he's in front of a drum set he transforms into a rock star. Aside from a few Adam Sandler flicks, we haven't seen much of the talented comedian since the 2002 movie The Master of Disguise. That's what makes this stand-up show a real treat. Carvey's show, which was taken from a live performance in Boston, will air on November 4th.

3. True Memoirs of an International Assassin

This action comedy isn't my cup of tea, but maybe it's yours. True Memoirs of an International Assassin is about an author who gets mistaken for a real assassin. To make matters worse, his fictional novel is accidentally published as nonfiction. Is it far-fetched? Yes. Is it funny? Maybe. I'm not against absurd or over-the-top humor, as I'm a huge fan of the Monty Python crew, but it's not the most original idea out there. You can watch this show on November 11th.

4. Lovesick (Season 2)

I'm not sure how else to describe this show without being super blunt. I guess I'm out of other options. Well, here it goes.

Lovesick is a British sitcom about a guy who's looking for the person that gave him a sexually transmitted infection. Is it strange? Yeah. I dig it, though. It's not the kind of romantic comedy where the hopeless romantic slips on a (strategically placed) banana peel and embarrasses themselves in front of their crush. This show deals with real relationships and interactions head on. If you're into this type of humor, Lovesick will be available on November 11th.

5. Gilmore Girls (Season 1)

Do I really need to tell you who Rori and Lorelai are? They're the fast-talking Queens of television. Don't hate me, but I've never actually seen a single episode of Gilmore Girls. I know Rori reads a ton of books, though. Doesn't that count for something?

Gilmore Girls will likely be the major highlight next month, as the show already has a ginormous following. Make sure you mark your calendars. You'll get to catch up with the famous duo on November 25th.