Acer's New Monitor Lineup Has Something For Everyone

Different screens for different scenes

Acer has announced its next generation of monitors. Credit: Acer

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Acer recently announced a slew of new additions to its monitor lineup for CES 2016, each boasting features bound to appeal to different types of users.

The convenient H7 series should be just right for most users, while the R1 series has a sleek aesthetic for those who value a cooler look. The flashier XR343CK monitor, part of Acer's XR Series, is designed with the serious gamer in mind.

The H7 Series

For the general public

Monitors in the H7 series will retail starting at $499, and will be the world's first monitors to support USB Type-C. The feature will offer a great deal of convenience. USB Type-C can deliver enough power to charge a laptop, move enough data to support two 4K displays, and can even be plugged in upside down. For the average user, that's quite a boon.

The monitors will also have WQHD–2560x1440 displays. Anyone who regularly views photos, videos, or pages of text will appreciate the crisper image quality. And the ultra-thin bezel, plus Acer TrueHarmony and DTS™ Sound, make these monitors great for gaming.

As more laptops adopt USB-C, you'll be able to go from having half-a-dozen wires sticking every which way to one cable serving all your needs. The H7 series will appeal to anyone who wants a more streamlined approach to their laptop-monitor setup.

The R1 Series

For the stylish user

Users who dig a cooler aesthetic will be drawn to Acer's new R1 series. These monitors will boast the thinnest displays around, measuring just 7mm in width. The nearly invisible bezel will allow for a relatively seamless multi-screen setup.

The R1 series will also be easy on the eyes in more ways than one. Flicker-less and Blue Light Filter technologies should help to ease eye fatigue.

Coming in Q1, the R1 series will retail starting at $129.99.

The XR342CK

For the serious gamer

Do you take your gaming seriously? If so, the XR342CK should meet your needs. The flagship model of the XR series will retail in Europe for €1,099, or around $1,188. That might sound absurd, but this XR comes loaded with features.

The monitor is downright sizable, with a 34-inch, 21:9 display. You'll also get Ultrawide QHD resolution. To put that in perspective, the typical HDTV presents a 1920x1080 resolution, in comparison to the XR342CK's 3440x1440. Additionally, the monitor can display 100 percent of the sRGB color gamut.

The curved screen may also grab your attention. Now, curved screens are hit or miss for televisions, but a little bend can be a nifty feature when it comes to monitors. Because you sit front and center when you game, the curve will add immersion rather than distraction.

Gamers, take note!