Get a rock-solid smartwatch for $80

Notifications on your wrist, for under $100.

The Pebble Time smartwatch Credit: Pebble

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There are a lot of smartwatches available these days, and most of them are pretty expensive. Want an Apple Watch? Get ready to spend at least $300. Android Wear? You can go anywhere from $200 to $1,500, depending on the brand.

But if you don’t need the brightest screen, lots of apps, or cutting-edge style, you can get a great smartwatch for a whole lot cheaper. Today, Groupon is selling refurbished Pebble Time watches (square face) for just $79.99. (Bonus: Try promo code GOODY4 and you may get an extra $16 off, bringing the total down to just $63.99.)

If you’re not familiar with the Pebble Time, well, it’s the biggest success in Kickstarter history—funded for over $20 million by more than 78,000 backers. It’s also a sweet little watch, with an e-Ink screen that looks great outdoors and battery life that goes all week.

If you're worried about the Refurbished status, don't be. I speak from experience: I bought one a couple weeks ago and love it. It came looking brand-new. And if yours doesn't, Groupon offers free returns for 14 days.

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