How to make a kid-friendly VR headset at home for only $25

Cardboard scratches

Credit: / Ashley Barry

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Let's face it: high-end virtual reality headsets are expensive. Hell, an HTC Vive will cost you $800. And that's without all the special accessories and add-ons. Unless you're rolling in the dough, you're out of luck. Fortunately, VR is more accessible than ever thanks to the rise of mobile headsets.

Recently, I tried out the Google Cardboard, a mobile headset that's (surprise) made out of cardboard. At $9.95, it's one of the more affordable mobile headsets out there, but it's not very comfortable. When I pressed the headset to my face, the tough cardboard kept scratching my nose and cheeks. So, if you're looking to improve your Google Cardboard for comfort (but you're on a budget), I figured out how to do it in just three easy steps.

The Materials

Credit: / Ashley Barry

1. Insert the 3 inch foam strip into the nose hole

Credit: / Ashley Barry

There's nothing worse than a headset that sits heavily on your nose. I can only get about twenty minutes of play time out of my ancient headset before I have to take it off. The foam strip is flexible and soft, similar to a yoga mat. Just fold over the foam strip, insert it into the nose hole, and adjust as needed. Your nose will thank you.

2. Pin the 5 inch foam strip above the lenses

Credit: / Ashley Barry

Pin the foam strip in place with flat-headed thumbtacks. When you press the headset to your face, your forehead should come to rest on the foam. I recommend using thumbtacks instead of tape or glue because you might need to adjust strip.

3. Fashion a strap out of three 12 inch foam strips

Credit: / Ashley Barry

Stick two foam strips to the sides of the headset with glue balls. Use two or three glue balls for each side, as a single glue ball might not be enough. Adjust the two strips and glue them together with another ball or two. The idea is to make a band that goes around the back of your head. Adhere the last foam strip to the top of the headset with a thumbtack, but steer clear of the velcro patch. This strip will go over the top of your head. Adjust and attach it to the band you've created at the back.