If you’re not careful, this slinky chair might walk down your stairs

Everyone knows it's slinky (chair)!

This paper chair is more flexible than an Olympic gymnast. Credit: Busyboo

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Whenever I host a party, I always run out of chairs. Like most inner city apartments, my place is as cramped as the shrinking room from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. My friends usually wind up sitting atop my wobbly kitchen table, stressing me out to no end. In other words, space is a real issue for me. But this flexible chair could potentially be the solution to my problem.

The Flexible Love 12 Seat Chair can stretch into a twelve person bench or collapse into a one person chair. You can even snake the chair around tables too. This unusual product is like a cross between an accordion and a slinky, the bendy toy that moves down the stairs one step at a time.

This chair is no doubt a unique piece of furniture, but it's made out of recycled paper and that concerns me. It's eco-friendly, which is great, but how do I know the chair won't crumble under my weight? I'm really not looking to bruise my tailbone. Expand Furniture, the company behind this product, claims the "underlayer will remain structurally sound." The chair will wear over time, but it shouldn't flatten like a pancake.

I like the idea of furniture you can shape, but I'm not sure how comfortable it is for lounging. It's great if your bumping party calls for additional seats, but I can't see myself taking a nap on it. The chair doesn't seem to offer much back support.

The chair is available on the company's website for $600. It's a steep price for a chair, but if you live in a tight space like me, maybe it's worth it.