NEET Offers Cable Shaping Sleeve, Keeps Wires Tidy

...but carries hefty price tag.


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NEET showcased a small, practical, and colorful solution to preventing cable spaghetti at CES 2014 Showstoppers. But the smirk-inducing $15 price tag ($30 for one bundled with an Apple Lightning cable) for a silky sleeve with a sewn-in wire might deter the cable clad.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 11.11.54 AM.png

NEET cable sleeves come in black, brown, grey, and the iPhone 5C color spectrum.

That said, the product works. It's as easy to use you'd imagine, and the rigid internal wire keeps all your other wires locked in place. We're sold. Who are we to complain about a meaningful solution to a problem harking back to the dawn of the Walkman?

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