This cooling mat will keep your pillows cold all night long for under $20

Hot sleeper? Don't sweat it anymore.

This 'cool' pillow accessory will keep you comfortable all night for under $20 Credit: Penguin Pillow Mat

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Are you sick of waking up in the middle of the night sweating, hot, and too uncomfortable to get back to sleep?

Some people are just naturally hot sleepers, but that doesn’t mean we need to suffer every night. And while a damp washcloth might do the trick for a few minutes, there are more sustainable options that won’t leave your pillow wet all night.

This Penguin pillow cooling mat is a simple solution - and right now it’s only $16.95 on Amazon, marked down from $25. Essentially, it’s a gel-filled mat you lay over your pillow to keep things cool. You can pop it in the fridge for an hour or so before bed for added coolness, but many reviewers have said the mat is cool enough to the touch to work without added chilling. It’s all about personal preference (and how hot it is in your bedroom).

There are gel-fiber pillows that offer similar benefits, such as the highly rated Sleep Restoration Gel Pillows ($39.99 for 2 on Amazon). But what we really like about the cooling mat, aside from its large size, is its portability. You only use it when you need it, and if you travel a lot, it’s small enough to toss into an overnight bag. A cooling pillow mat would be excellent for anyone with night sweats or hot flashes, but it’s also great for easing the pain of fevers, neck pain, and headaches. You could even stick it on the couch or your patio furniture for cool comfort during the day.

Get the Penguin pillow cooling mat for $16.95 and enjoy a cool night’s rest.

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