This cute ladybug vacuum cleaner is the thing that's missing from your life

Are you feeling lucky?

This adorable ladybug vacuum cleans tables and desks. Credit: AliExpress

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I'm not a huge fan of bugs. They're cool on a scientific level, but I usually keep a fair distance from anything that buzzes or creeps around. However, this miniature vacuum might change my mind (and heart). It's designed to look like a ladybug, likely the least scary looking bug in the insect kingdom. Heck, I can't help but smile at the darn thing.

This puny cleaner is easy to use, inexpensive, portable, and super adorable. It's primarily used to clean small surfaces: desks, keyboards, kitchen tables, and so on. I'm not sure how powerful the suction is, as I haven't given it a go, but it seems capable of sucking up some pretty big crumbs. Do you have a messy toddler who leaves bits of food all over the table? Well, this product is perfect for situations like that.

The bug runs on batteries, so you don't have to charge it, but it's not a smart product. In other words, it's not an advanced robot vacuum that moves on its own and stops when it reaches the end of a table. You have to manually drive the bug across the area that needs cleaning. It's a quick way to suck up eraser shavings, crumbs, and so on.

The vacuum cleaner currently retails at $10.99 on Amazon. The puny cleaner might be a cute stocking stuffer for a first-year college student or someone who's into niche products. Either way, it's a handy little tool everyone can benefit from. What a fun way to clean up your table!