This gadget uses the same tech as Pokemon Go to find your lost keys

It's like a game of hot or cold

These Bluetooth trackers help you find your lost keys. Credit: The Verge

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There's nothing more anxiety-inducing than losing your car keys. Whenever my keys go missing, I end up emptying my purse and tearing my couch apart. Just as I'm about to abandon my search, my keys magically appear out of nowhere. Frustratingly, it happens almost every time. Well, Pixie Technology wants to help you find your lost things with its Bluetooth trackers.

Just stick one of the chip-sized Pixie markers to your keys or wallet and download the companion app. When you lose track of your car keys, the device will "talk" to the software on your phone. And then, like a game of hot or cold, the app guides you to the missing object with visual and audio cues. All you have to do is follow the directional arrows and listen to the chirruping sounds.

When you're close to the object, the app uses augmented reality technology to show you exactly where it is. You'll see a real world environment on your screen, but a colorful X will hover over the area where the object is. X marks the spot, am I right?

Pixie starts shipping on January 25th of this year. A pack of four markers retails at $99, but pack of two only costs $49.99. It's really not a bad price, especially if you constantly misplace your things. Unfortunately, they'll only work on Apple devices at this time. Make sure you reserve yours today on the main website!

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