This unicorn hot chocolate is the most magical beverage you'll ever drink

Just top it off with some edible glitter

Unicorn hot chocolate is the most glittery beverage you'll ever drink. Credit: Instagram / teamsparkle

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Yesterday, I discovered Clare Potts, the brilliant blogger who turned her fridge into a wine dispenser. Today, the fates led me to Joanna Czikalla, a Californian pastry chef who invented unicorn hot chocolate. I've no idea why I'm finding all these amazing women this week, but I'm loving it. Girl power!

According to Cosmopolitan, Czikalla's magical beverage consists of white hot chocolate that's dyed pink, marshmallows, and sprinkles. She sells this fluffy concoction at Creme and Sugar, which is her quaint dessert parlor in Anaheim, California. It's on the secret menu, though, so you'll need to put in a special request.

If you're into unique desserts and vintage fashion, make sure you check out Czikalla's Instagram page. The pink haired pastry chef not only posts pictures of her delectable treats, she also shares her adorable retro outfits with the world. In other words, her colorful Instragram page nixes boredom in a pinch.

The Recipe

If you're looking to make your own cup of glittery goodness, well, you're in luck! It's not Czikalla's recipe, but that's okay. This hot drink will still warm your soul.

  1. Start by making white hot chocolate.
  2. Serve in a fabulous mug.
  3. Dye the hot chocolate with a few drops of pink food coloring.
  4. If you're feeling real festive, you can make your own whip cream or use the store bought kind.
  5. Dye the fluff with either blue or pink food coloring.
  6. Top it off with edible glitter, rainbow sprinkles, and colorful marshmallows.