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  • Power suction

  • Self Emptying

  • Comprehensive App


  • Expensive

About the iRobot Roomba i6+

  • Dimensions: 13.34” x 13.26” x 3.63” (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 7.44 pounds
  • Charging base dimensions: 12.2” x 15.1” x 19” (W x D x H)
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty

What we like

It picks up dirt like the best of them

The iRobot i6+ killed it in our dirt pickup tests, which involve cleaning in between furniture legs, under shelves, and atop various types of carpet.

On average, the Roomba i6+ suctioned up 10.45 grams of dirt per run. We estimate that this means it can keep pace with a full-sized vacuum over the course of a week. These are the exact same numbers we saw when we tested the Roomba i7+.

Its top-shelf app features all the bells and whistles

iRobot i6+ App
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

The i6+ has access to the robust Home Genius Intelligence app.

The i6+ has access to iRobot’s Home Genius Intelligence app, which lets you do things like tell your Roomba to clean specific rooms.

You can also set up event-based cleanings. For example, you can schedule it so every time you leave your house in the morning, the i6+ gives the floor under your kitchen table a once over.

It empties itself

The + after an iRobot model number indicates that the unit comes with a cleaning base that doubles as both a charging dock and a method for the robot vacuum to empty its dust bin.

A vacuum suction located within the base itself cleans out what’s inside the i6+ unit and places it inside a self-sealing bag. If you’re constantly cleaning up crumbs, the base and bag will help keep mice away.

iRobot i6+ bag
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

A vacuum in the charging base empties the i6+'s dust bin into a self-sealing bag.

Plus, when you throw the bag away, you never have to smell or see anything unsightly. The bags hold about 3.8 liters of debris, which means you’ll have to change the bag about once a month.

What we don’t like

It comes with fewer accessories

iRobot i6+ Comparison
Credit: Reviewed / Jonathan Chan

All the testing shows that the i6+ and i7+ are nearly identical, but the i7+ comes with more stuff in the box.

When we opened the i6+’s box, we found the unit itself, the charging base, and one disposable bag. In comparison, the i7+ is sold with two bags, one extra side brush, and an extra filter included.

Both of these robot vacuums have the same regular retail price, meaning you’re paying the same and getting less for your money.

What users are saying

This Amazon-exclusive model rates 4.6 stars out of 5. Users cite how the brushes don’t get tangled with pet hair and how the app saves them time. However, eagle-eyed consumers have spotted how the i6+ is more expensive than the i7+, when you consider there are few spare parts in the box.

Should you buy the iRobot Roomba i6+?

No, unless it’s on major sale. Sales are pretty common on Amazon, but if you’re paying full price you’re not getting a good value. Yes, the i6+ provides a great clean, with an excellent app, and it self empties. However, it’s more economical to buy the i7+. We think it’d take a sale price of less than $600 to make the i6+ worth it.

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