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30% off one of the world's best robot vacuums

Like a pet that cleans your floor, instead of the opposite


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While the AI takeover is surely right around the corner, for now robots are still our servants. So you might as well grab one of the best robots for your home at a whopping 30% off. And we promise, the only thing this AI will take over is vacuuming duty.

Samsung's Powerbot VR9000 looks like a big Duracell battery and it can automatically keep your floors nice and tidy in between proper vacuumings. But uniquely, if automation isn't your thing, the VR9000 also comes with a laser pointer to guide the robot manually. See? No machine uprising here!

We gave it an Editor's Choice award last year because it was worth every penny of the $1,000 MSRP. But at 30% off, it's an absolute steal. The deal can be found at Best Buy's eBay store (not Best Buy itself, but the company's eBay store... weird), which is right on the other side of this link.

Buy on — $699.99

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