No Need for a Carry-On: This Vest Has 26 Pockets

Going somewhere? Now you can take all your gadgets with you.


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Tactical vest? More like practical vest.

The Scott eVest RFID Travel Vest is designed to safely and securely hold all your electronics—everything from an iPhone to a MacBook. Featuring 26 pockets of various sizes, it’s like cargo pants for your chest.

In fact, if you wear this with a pair of cargo pants, you won’t even need a carry-on. You’d also likely be pulled aside by airport security for “enhanced screening”—but just think of all that leg room!

There’s a lot going on with this high-tech garment, but let's cover the important features first. Most of the pockets are internal and have zippers, making it nearly impossible for pickpockets to snag your camera or travel documents. The vest’s name comes from an RFID-blocking pocket that’s supposed to prevent skimmers from lifting information from your electronics. It might not be a big concern now, but it's likely to grow as time goes by.

So the vest is great for holding stuff, but how does it look and feel?

Since most of the pockets are internal, the RFID Travel Vest looks just like any other vest from the outside. The pockets have a “no-bulge” design to make it less obvious that you’re loaded to the brim with expensive tech, and extra padding in the shoulder areas helps with weight distribution.


And there's one more neat little feature: The RFID Travel Vest has a series of internal channels and hoops for you to run cables through. Scott calls this the Personal Area Network, and it’s a way to connect your devices to each other within the vest. This means you can connect your phone or tablet to a battery pack without worrying about loose cables hanging out or getting tangled.

The Scott eVest RFID Travel Vest costs $135 and comes in Navy, Black, Khaki, and Olive. That might seem like a steep price to pay for a not-so-stylish piece of clothing, but it's fairly reasonable if you look at it as a travel accessory. If you’re a frequent flyer, this would certainly be a worthy investment.

And if you're a real MacGyver type and 26 pockets just ain't enough, Scott still has you covered. Its Q.U.E.S.T. Vest packs a remarkable 42 pockets including an RFID-blocking compartment of its own. Need something smaller? How about a baseball cap with two pockets of its own? Or maybe some boxers for those really casual travel days? (Seriously, we're not kidding.)

Now we just need to buy enough gadgets to fill out these pockets...


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