The smartphone that blew up on Kickstarter is just $299

Keep your storage light and your wallet even lighter

The Nextbit Robin Credit: / Chris Thomas

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If you've ever been forced to delete photos, videos, or apps in order to free up some space on your smartphone, you know how frustrating the whole experience can be. The Nextbit Robin, an Android phone born from a Kickstarter campaign, is a valiant attempt to eliminate this annoying ritual once and for all.

How? By offering 100GB of cloud storage with every phone.

The Nextbit Robin's performance isn't quite on the level of the highest-end Android flagships, but when we reviewed it earlier this year we loved its unique design and novel approach to smartphone storage. It was a great deal when it was priced at $399, but at $299 from it's an absolute steal.

With the Robin, you won't have the fastest smartphone on the block, but you'll almost certainly have the most interesting one. If you're tired of constantly deleting your stuff and you're in the market for an affordable Android phone, you have until June 20 to take advantage of this deal.

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