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  • Velez Bifold Leather Wallet

  • Herschel Charlie Wallet

  • Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Leather Wallet

  • Fossil Derrick RFID Flip ID Bifold Wallet

  • Serman Brands Transformer

  • Timberland Passcase Wallet

  • Fossil Derrick RFID Magnetic Card Case

Velez Bifold Leather Wallet

The Velez Bifold Leather Wallet has a lot going for it, but more than anything it’s just beautiful. Its low-knap leather looks almost like suede, with a design that is both classic yet flashy. It’s extremely functional as well, with all the classic hallmarks of a bifold design, including a transparent ID slot, a full-length bifold for bills, and multiple card pockets on each side.


  • Classic bifold design holds cash well

  • Plenty of room

  • Real leather


  • Too bulky for front pocket

  • No RFID blocking

Herschel Charlie Wallet

Most of the wallets on our list are some kind of leather, but if you’re opting for a synthetic material this Herschel Supply Co. option is slim, minimalist, and made from polyester. It’s a fun little wallet that’s perfect for holding just the few cards you may need on you at one time. Its main drawback is that it’s very stiff, so carrying more than two or three cards at once makes it difficult to get any of them out. If you can live with that, this bright, colorful wallet is an excellent alternative.


  • Slim front-pocket wallet

  • Colorful non-leather design

  • RFID blocking


  • Stiffer than leather alternatives

  • Hard to get cards out

Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Leather Wallet

The Buffway slim wallet is an affordable minimalist wallet that lets you keep things simple and safe, putting your critical IDs, cards, and cash in your front pocket. It won’t hold a lot—and stuffing extra cards in will likely cause them to get stuck—but it’s got plenty of room for the essentials. Like other minimalist wallets, you may need to really rethink what you carry each day if you’re used to a traditional billfold, but the eye-catching, colorful design is worth the hassle.


  • Slim front-pocket design

  • Lots of card storage

  • RFID blocking


  • Little room for cash

Fossil Derrick RFID Flip ID Bifold Wallet

Another traditional bifold, this Fossil is billed as a “front-pocket” wallet, though we aren’t quite buying it. Reviewers commented that it was slim when empty but bulkier when filled with enough stuff to take advantage of its extensive collection of pockets. It’s a great wallet either way, but better as a traditional bifold alternative than a bigger, bulkier front-pocket replacement.


  • Slim bifold design

  • Sturdy leather make

  • Plenty of storage


  • Bulky for a front pocket wallet

Serman Brands Transformer

The Sermon Brands money clip is another front-pocket wallet, though the integrated money clip does add considerable bulk. It should fit comfortably in your pockets and can hold plenty of cards and cash, but it’s not quite as slim as some of the proper minimalist options out there.


  • Slim front-pocket design

  • Money clip

  • RFID blocking


  • Scratches easily

  • Bulky when full

Timberland Passcase Wallet

If you just want the traditional, no-nonsense leather bifold wallet, this Timberland is the way to go. It’s well-built, sturdy, and completely un-flashy. Whether you go “Full Costanza” or just like to have a collection of all your cards, IDs, bills, and receipts in one place, this is the wallet for the classic guy who wants a classic way to hold all their stuff.

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Fossil Derrick RFID Magnetic Card Case

The Fossil Slim Front-Pocket wallet is another slim option that will fit in your front pocket, hold your most essential items, and not much else. It has an integrated magnetic money clip which is nice if you need to just hold a few emergency bills, but it isn’t strong enough to replace a full money clip if you keep a lot of cash on you.


  • Slim front-pocket design

  • Magnetic money clip

  • RFID blocking


  • Only fits a few cards at once

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