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Rothy’s The Monty Sneaker Review

I tested Rothy’s latest men’s sneakers—are they worth it?

A hand holding a pair of Rothy's sneakers by the laces. A pair of Rothy's sneakers. Credit: Reviewed / Rothy's

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Rothy’s wildly popular The Point ballet flats have been seen on the likes of Meghan Markle, Emma Roberts, and Mandy Moore, and the brand has been breaking barriers with its sustainability-focused footwear since it first launched in 2016. Rothy’s began offering shoes in men’s sizes just this past year, and has expanded its collection of men’s styles yet again with the release of The Monty, a pair of dress sneakers made from Rothy’s signature merino wool and recycled plastic textiles.

Rothy’s sent me a pair of Monty sneakers to test out, and I was impressed by the slipper-like comfort, sneaker-like support, and dress shoe-like design. These kicks are designed for your best fall looks, and here’s why.

What is The Monty Sneaker?

Side view of a Rothy's Sneaker.
Credit: Reviewed / Rothy's

From the makers of the popular The Point ballet flats.

Styled to resemble the shoes that Steve McQueen’s character wears in the 1968 film, Bullitt, The Monty sneaker offers minimalistic design alongside some of Rothy’s signature features. The sneakers are knit from Rothy’s proprietary blend of RWS-certified merino wool and recycled plastic bottles. The brand’s commitment to circular design means they’ll take your sneakers back when you’ve outworn them, recycle them, and turn them into new products.

The Monty Sneaker is available in three colors: Mountain Grey, Timber Brown, and Vintage Brown, in men’s whole and half shoe sizes 7 to 16. The sneakers cost $189.

What I like about The Monty Sneaker

Bottom view and shot of person wearing Rothy's Sneaker.
Credit: Reviewed / Rothy's

Minimalist, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Minimalist design that is easily dressed up and dressed down

With The Monty, Rothy’s set out to update a classic menswear essential: the heritage brown shoe. The knit upper is designed with just two pieces, giving the sneakers a clean and minimalist aesthetic. This shoe is designed to go with everything in your wardrobe, from jeans and a T-shirt, to chinos and a polo.

True enough, when styled just right, the shoes give the appearance of a relaxed dress shoe, reimagined in wool—a textile that, until fairly recently, was rarely used in footwear because it could be challenging to maintain. Maintenance is a breeze with Rothy’s, though. Like their other offerings, these shoes are fully machine washable (though you’ll want to avoid throwing them in the dryer to protect the wool).

The sneakers feel like a well-loved pair of slippers

The first thing I noticed when I pulled these shoes on was just how comfortable they are. Previously, our testers have found Rothy’s footwear to have a considerable breaking-in period, but I wore these right out of the box without any issues. On your feet, they feel like a pair of slippers—or even a pair of socks. These sneakers are comfortable and supportive while navigating hilly city sidewalks, and they feel just as cozy when worn around the house as a slipper alternative.

These are environment-friendly shoes you can feel good about

While many companies make sustainability claims without doing the work, Rothy’s footwear has a proven track record when it comes to their impressive environment-focused initiatives. The brand uses wool that has been RSW-certified—that’s Responsible Wool Standard—a standard that protects the welfare of the sheep and farmers who raise them. Moreover, the company has also made great strides in ensuring that the factories that manufacture their products are also LEED certified, a green building certification program.

What I don’t like about The Monty Sneaker

Top and front views of the Rothy's Sneaker.
Credit: Reviewed / Rothy's

They can be a bit loose.

The wide fit means the shoes can feel loose

The Monty is designed with a wide fit that Rothy’s says allows for a relaxed and comfortable fit. I find that the wider design of the shoe—combined with the slight stretch in the knit upper—means the shoes fit a bit looser than I’d prefer. The wider toe box and relaxed fit meant that on occasion, my heels felt like they were slipping out of the shoe. Adjusting how the sneakers were laced helped ensure a closer fit, but the shoes still felt a bit clunky. At the end of the day, though, this generous fit is specifically why the sneaker feels like a slipper.

Is The Monty Sneaker worth it?

Back view and picture of Rothy's Sneakers on floor.
Credit: Reviewed / Rothy's

We recommend them.

Yes, because an environmentally-responsible sneaker just makes sense

If you’re looking for a pair of sustainable sneakers that prioritize comfort first, the Monty Sneaker is right for you. If it weren’t for the laces, I’d swear these were slippers. Designed with a cozy wool knit upper, the shoes feel like a stylish throwback with a totally contemporary twist. Finally, it’s Rothy’s commitment to the planet that makes these sneakers an obvious win for me. The Monty is made well and designed to last. And what’s more, it does so responsibly. Today, that’s essential.

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