These fur-lined Crocs are game-changing for cold weather

The Baya Lined Clogs from Crocs are as great as everyone says.

Woman in Crocs on a blanket Credit: Crocs

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Having a good pair of comfy, laid back shoes is a must for me. I’m constantly doing projects around the house or running outside for recycling, mail, and compost. I was excited to try out a pair of Crocs to see if they were as comfortable as everyone claims.

Crocs are known for being versatile, durable, and colorful, and I looked forward to wearing my first pair since an orange pair of clogs when I was a kid. We recommend Classic Crocs and these stylish Crocs sandals, but we wanted to test out a pair from the brand's winter line for colder weather.

Since Ohio’s weather is unpredictable and moderate at best, I selected the navy Baya Lined Clogs. This clog comes with a soft, fleecy lining in addition to the iconic cushion and heel strap of the classic clog style.

How do the clogs feel at first?

My first impression of the Baya Lined Clog was Wow, these feel a bit roomy. I typically wear shoes in an 8.5 when available, but since Crocs only come in whole sizes I sized up. And boy, I noticed it. The shoes felt boxy and square, making my walk feel a little awkward at first.

I do love that I can wear my clogs with thick (and fuzzy) socks, but when I slip my bare feet into them for chores around the house I often have to shimmy around to not trip. I also found myself wearing the clog’s heel strap around the house to keep the shoes on my feet, and it certainly made me feel more secure.

What I love about the Baya Lined Clogs

Credit: Crocs

The fleecy interior keeps feet toasty.

Aside from the sizing hiccup, the fluffy interior of the clogs is fantastic. The fleecy lining is enough to keep my feet warm with or without socks, but it’s not so plush that my feet are sweating. I love wearing the clogs while working at my desk or doing chores around the house like doing dishes and laundry. They are also great for anyone who has cold flooring because they provide comfort and keep feet toasty.

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The clogs have incredible traction too. As a clumsy individual, the clogs helped me keep my footing for everyday activities like taking out the trash, grocery shopping, and running errands. I imagine they’ll be just as great as the weather turns a bit snowy and slushy as well. A good friend of mine said when I was canvassing door-to-door in a sub-zero Iowa winter, the only thing that got him through was thinking about putting his fuzzy crocs on once he had finished. Now I can totally see what he meant.

What I wish was different

When I mentioned I was trying out Crocs to several of my friends, they each raved about how comfortable they were. While I found mine comfy, they weren’t exceptional. I think I need to break them in for a bit longer before I can decide whether or not they’re as comfortable as their cult following claims. I should also note that this style of Crocs is not waterproof. Though most are, these Crocs are not a great pick for rainy, outdoor adventures.

If I could change one thing about the Baya Lined Clogs I’d want them to have a removable lining. I love the plush and fuzzy interior that keeps my feet warm, but on muddier days they weren’t my go-to shoe. If the lining could be removed and washed it’d make the clogs more versatile during icky weather, and they would feel just a bit cleaner overall.

Should you buy a pair of lined Crocs?

Credit: Crocs

This style comes in plenty of colors and patterns.

If you’re already a Crocs fan, then you’d definitely love a pair of the Baya Lined Clogs. They’re durable and comfortable and can fill the Crocs void you may have during the cooler months. I think they’re great for long car rides and camping trips too.

And if you haven’t tried Crocs, I still think these are worth trying out. I’d be intentional with selecting a size though, since the wide fit made some tasks harder for me to do while wearing them. I’ll order a size 8 for my next pair and see if the snug fit makes a difference.

In typically Crocs fashion, there are many, many color options in this—and other lined—styles. The Baya Lined Clog comes in black, espresso, navy, neo mint, lavender, and several patterns. The Kids’ Baya Lined Clog and the similar Classic Lined Clog have even more colors and shades.

Get the Baya Lined Clogs from Crocs for $49.99

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