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10 retailers to shop if you're in between straight and plus sizes

Because finding in-between sizes can be tough.

Left: Swimsuits for All One Piece; Middle: Good American Jeans; Right: ModCloth Barbie Dress Credit: Left: Swimsuits For All; Middle: Good American; Right: ModCloth

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You've likely heard of plus-size clothes, but what about mid-size ones? The movement for retailers to center their size offerings around the actual average size of an American woman is trending on Instagram and TikTok—and for good reason. Where straight sizes are 0 to 14 and plus sizes are 14 to 26+, mid sizes are those that fall within the range in between: typically going up and down from sizes 10 and 12. If you're an "in-betweener," these 10 popular retailers deliver the goods when it comes to mid-size clothing.

1. Good American

Good American Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: Good American

It doesn't get better than Good American when it comes to mid-size denim.

Top Picks: Always Fits From Good American—$139 and Good Waist Crop Raw Edge—$129 Sizes: 00-24 Prices: 👗👗👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 21 days

Good American is best known for its denim selection. It caters to women of all sizes with a wide size selection, including the brand’s unique size 15, which is designed specifically for those between straight and plus sizes. Even if you’re not in the market for a new pair of jeans, Good American is a great place to shop for mid-size clothing, as it offers tops, dresses, skirts, swimsuits, and more.

Best of all, when browsing its website, you can choose your model size, so you can get a better idea of how the styles will look on a body similar to yours.

Shop Good American

2. Aerie

Aerie Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: Aerie

Craving a comfy wardrobe update? Head to Aerie to stock up.

Top Picks: Offline Real Me High Waisted Crossover Legging—$44.95 and Aerie Destroyed Boyfriend T-Shirt—$24.95 Sizes: XXS-XXL Prices: 👗 Return/Exchange Policy: No specified time limit; if you aren’t happy, return it

Aerie is a one-stop shop for all things comfortable. Whether you’re looking for bras and undies, leggings and sports bras, or sweats and sweatshirts, the American Eagle offshoot has you covered. Most notably, many of its styles feature a relaxed fit and they’re sized with that in mind, so you don’t have to size up to achieve that “boyfriend” look. Because of this, mid-size and some plus-size folks can enjoy the retailers’ size offering.

P.S. Reviewed’s style editor, Amanda Tarlton, swears Aerie’s leggings are the ultimate Lululemon dupe.

Shop Aerie

3. ModCloth

ModCloth Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: ModCloth

ModCloth is the place to go for retro mid-size clothing.

Top Picks: Darling of Debonair Dress—$149 and Drama in Doll Valley Cropped Top—$59 Sizes: XS-4X Prices: 👗👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 60 days

Love vintage style? Then you’ll love ModCloth, a site that sells retro clothing and accessories spanning the decades. Whether you fancy the ‘50s, ‘60’s, ‘70s, ‘80s, or ‘90s, ModCloth has dresses, skirts, tops, and bottoms inspired by all of the above eras. And, fortunately for mid-size folks, it offers styles in straight, mid, and plus sizes.

You especially don't want to miss the brand's frequent releases of special collaborations. Most recently, ModCloth "partnered" with the iconic fashion doll Barbie collab to release a playful line that includes rompers, swimsuits, and skirts, all in throwback prints that have us swooning.

Shop ModCloth

4. Free People

Free People Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: Free People

Free People's oversized silhouettes work wonderfully for mid-sized bodies.

Top Picks: We The Free Summer Daydream Buttondown—$108 and Just Float On Flare Jeans —$78 Sizes: XS-XL; 24-35 Prices: 👗👗👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

The bohemian-inspired retailer has been working on becoming more inclusive by extending its denim range.

Additionally, because many of the brand’s silhouettes are oversized—many people size anywhere from one to three sizes down in a bunch of the retailer’s tops—mid-size folks have plenty to choose from.

Shop Free People

5. Old Navy

Old Navy Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: Old Navy

Old Navy offers affordable mid-size clothing options.

Top Picks: Loose Vintage Short-Sleeve Mineral-Dyed T-Shirt Shift Dress—$29.99 and Breathe ON Cross-Front Sleeveless Jumpsuit—$38 Sizes: XS-4X; 00-30 Prices: 👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 45 days

Old Navy gives mid-size shoppers—and all shoppers, for that matter—major bang for their buck. It has everything from pajamas and athletic wear to denim and business-professional pieces. And, as if its prices weren’t already fair enough, the offer sales pretty regularly, so it’s easy to snag an even better deal.

Shop Old Navy

6. Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu is stocked with Cali-inspired mid-size silhouttes.

Top Picks: Roaming Romper—$158 and Flow N Go Dress—$134 Sizes: XS-3X; 24-32 Prices: 👗👗👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 30 days

Show Me Your Mumu is a great place to shop for casual closet items, including dresses, tunic tops, bell bottoms, and bathers. It offers a variety of straight, mid, and plus sizes, so you’re bound to find something you like, so long as you enjoy the retailer’s laidback, California vibe.

Fun fact: Show Me Your Mumu also has a wedding site, so you can shop for bride, bridesmaid, and wedding guest dresses, as well as a variety of bridal accessories.

Shop Show Me Your Mumu


ASOS Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: ASOS

ASOS is your one-stop shop for fast mid-size fashion.

Top Picks: ASOS Design Curve Lace Trim Structured Mini Dress With Ruffle Detail—$57 and ASOS Design Curve Top With Asymmetric Cut Out Detail in Black—$20 Sizes: XS-5XL; 0-26 Prices: 👗👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 29-45 days

If you’re into fast-fashion trends, ASOS is a great place to keep on top of them all. The popular online retailer sells a variety of dresses, tops, and bottoms—as well as shoes and accessories—ranging from super casual to cocktail party-ready. And, at a lower price point, that means you might feel more inclined to stock up on more than an item or two.


8. Target

Target Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: Target

Target has it all—including mid-size clothing.

Top Picks: All in Motion Ultra High-Rise Bike Shorts—$20 and Universal Thread High-Rise Skinny Jeans—$19.99 Sizes: XS-6X; 0-24 Prices: 👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 90 days

In addition to selling affordable home goods and accessories alongside groceries and basics, Target also has an impressive collection of mid-size clothes. Whether you’re in the market for athleisure items, swim apparel, or an interview-ready ‘fit, the bullseye-branded retailer has you covered.

Shop Target

9. Swimsuits For All

Swimsuits For All Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: Swimsuits For All

Looking for a mid-size swimsuit? Swimsuits For All has more than a few to choose from.

Top Picks: V-Neck Flowy Tankini Top—$68 and Lattice Plunge One Piece Swimsuit—$109 Sizes: 2-34 Prices: 👗👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 60 days

Finding swimsuits for mid-sized bodies can be particularly challenging, which is why so many shoppers swear by Swimsuits For All. No matter the silhouette you’re searching for—full-bottomed, cheeky, one-piece, or bikini—Swimsuits For All has most everything you need and then some. That’s because in addition to selling dozens of different suits, it also offers coverups, dresses, and sleep and loungewear.

Shop Swimsuits For All

10. Torrid

Torrid Mid-Size Retailers
Credit: Torrid

Torrid is targeted specifically toward mid and plus-size bodies.

Top Picks: Button Front Skater Maxi Dress—$95.50 and Mesh and Lace Halter Babydoll—$49.50 Sizes: 00-6 (equivalent to M-6X; 10-30) Prices: 👗 Return/Exchange Policy: 60 days

Torrid is a store that’s geared specifically toward mid- and plus-size shoppers, so much so that it created its own size range, where its smallest size, 00, equates to a straight size 10 and its largest size, 6, is a size 30. It has dresses, jeans, bras, swimsuits, shoes, and everything in between so that you can find exactly what you're looking for all under one roof—or, one site, if you prefer to shop virtually.

What’s especially nice about Torrid is that because it's a mid- and plus-specific store, its models fit that mold, so you don’t have to guess how certain silhouettes look on different body types. Also, like ModCloth, the retailer does a bunch of fun collabs, including a recent one with Betsey Johnson. Let us just say: The garments are cute.

Shop Torrid

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