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These are the softest pajamas I've worn—and they’re from Target

I can't stop, won't stop wearing these.

Target Stars Above pajamas Credit: Target

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For the longest time, I never put a lot of thought into what I slept in. I was just happy to be done with the day, change out of my "regular" clothes, and throw on the comfiest thing I grabbed out of my drawer. That means that for most of my life, my pajamas were less, well, pajamas and more ratty, oversized T-shirts.

However, a few years ago, my mom handed me a matching pajama set she'd picked up on her weekly trip to Target. The brand was Stars Above, which is sold exclusively at the retailer. I was skeptical—until I put them on. Ever since, I've been hooked these ridiculously comfortable PJs. It seems that others have caught on, too: Last time I went shopping at Target, I was shocked to see the Stars Above section was ransacked, with only a few sizes and styles remaining. (That said, I've also noticed some of my favorite Instagram influencers donning the brand in their #wokeuplikethis posts, so, yeah.) Here's why everyone is into these pajamas and why they're worth adding to your collection.

What I like about the Stars Above pajamas

My set from Stars Above's Beautifully Soft collection indeed are the softest pajamas I have ever felt. The fabric is a blend of 95% modal and 5% spandex that feels like butter on the skin. It’s light and breathable, not stiff or starchy like I've found some new pajama sets to be. It's cozy without being hot, even in the summer, and when I’m under my covers in bed, it almost feels like I’m not wearing anything at all.

I own multiple styles of the Stars Above pajamas—the shorts set, the capri set, and the nightgown—and all of them are cute without being revealing. I can wear them when I'm home alone, on a family vacation, or on an overnight date—they're that versatile.

Of all the pairs I own, my favorite is the nightgown. It feels like an oversized T-shirt, but looks far more chic. I bought it in an XL, which is one size up from my usual L, for a roomier cut. There's enough space underneath to layer leggings or a long-sleeve shirt for extra warmth during the colder months.

The nightgown and the shirts that come with the sets feature an elegant collared neckline and a button-down closure that's very on-trend right now. The pajama bottoms have a stretchy elastic waistband and a relaxed fit that is comfortable to lounge around in.

But the best thing to me about the Stars Above pajamas isn’t how soft or stylish or comfy they are, but how affordable they are. For reference, similar matching pajama sets at Nordstrom run upwards of $65 and at Victoria’s Secret will cost you about $70. Compare that to about $25 for a Stars Above set and $19 for the nightgown. Sure, that’s more expensive than the old T-shirt at the bottom of your drawer, but I'm willing to pay less than $30 to not feel like a frump when I go to bed.

What I don’t like about the Stars Above pajamas

There are very few negative things I can say about these PJs, but after having owned them for a few years I’ve noticed a few tiny flaws. Despite the fact that the care instructions say you can put them in the laundry, I used to air-dry them when I first got them. After a while, I got lazy and started tossing them into the dryer with the rest of my clothes. That may have been a mistake.

The collar has started sagging and stretching—it's minimal but noticeable to me—and the fabric has begun slightly pilling. Granted, this is normal when you wash and wear an item upwards of 50 times, but it's still something to keep in mind. The stretching of the fabric also sometimes causes the buttons to come undone in the middle of the night while I sleep. To avoid these issues, I recommend playing it safe and skipping the dryer altogether. It's a little more work but would likely help the PJs to last longer.

Are the Stars Above pajamas worth buying?

Target Stars Above pajama sets
Credit: Target

The Stars Above pajamas come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

I own three pairs of pajamas from Stars Above, and even after about three years of almost nightly wear, they're in great condition (and would be even better if I treated them more carefully in the laundry). They are comfortable and stylish, and cost a lot less than what you'd find at other retailers. The Beautifully Soft collection also carries women's sizes XS to XXL in all styles, with select ones in extended sizes up to 4X.

There's no doubt that there's a fourth pair—and maybe even a fifth!—of these PJs in my near future. On your next Target run, I recommend making a quick stop in the loungewear section. If you’re lucky, there will be a Stars Above set that is just your size.

Shop the Stars Above Beautifully Soft pajamas at Target from $19.99

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