NFL Game Rewind is a Must-Have App for the Football Fan

If you're a fan of football, the Game Rewind app for iOS and Android is the best it gets.


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Nothing is as frustrating as missing the game on Sunday, and videotaping it doesn't get rid of the commercials. In the era of mobile computing and broadband wireless internet, there's a much better way: NFL Game Rewind.

But if you have a DVR, why plunk down the cash for this service? The answer is the app; it's all about the app. If you have an iPad or Android device, you can either watch the games you missed, or get a sneak peek at your team's matchups the following week. Bringing the NFL to your tablet or phone, the Game Rewind app for iOS and Android is absolutely loaded with features and content.

What the NFL Game Rewind App Does Well

Granting users the ability to interact with their favorite games and access to matches that you'd normally have to pay hundreds of dollars per year to watch makes the Game Rewind app a bargain. While you will have to get at least the Season package ($40) to enjoy all the app's features, you will be given the opportunity to not only watch games, but break down individual plays like you're John Madden. For example, you can hash out Chandler Jones' awesome strip-sack of Jake Locker by marking up his speed rush on the edge of the line.


If you're playing catchup, you can set the app to prevent scores from other games being shown so you don't accidentally ruin the outcome for yourself if you've managed to make it almost 24 hours without hearing how your team did. Additionally, you don't have to put up with commercials. You can even toggle a condensed version of the games that cuts out the pre-snap waiting period, and typically makes games last just over 30 minutes without losing any plays (instead of 3 hours—think about that for a minute).

What you get is actually quite substantial, given the price tag:

•Games of all 32 teams for the 2012 and 2011 seasons

•Coaches film and telestrator

•Condensed games

•Commercial-free viewing

What the NFL Game Rewind App Doesn't Do As Well

For all the amazing things the app does, it can be a little overwhelming to track all of the information on the home screen all at once. Thankfully, you're only a tap or two away from watching the game full-screen. If there was one thing we'd really gripe about, it's an insatiable craving for more football, and faster. While it's totally understandable to have a 24-hour delay on some games just to get the video editing done, to the football addict, 24 hours might as well be an eternity.

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Additionally, choosing the right package for you is super important, as there are some things that could drive you up the wall. For example, following only your team for the 2012 season will run you $35, but service cuts out in the playoffs, and you can't watch other teams' games. However, $5 more gets you access to every game in the NFL after it happens. Additionally, the only plan that lets you watch games into the playoffs and offseason is the $69 Season Plus package, which is $30 more expensive than the next-cheapest plan.

Is it Worth the Money?

Don't even think twice: it is. While it serves as a methadone analog for the football junkie, it has so much more to offer fans than a simple football fix. People may balk at shelling out another $35 to $80 to watch games that have already happened, but the money is absolutely worth it for a number of fans. For the fantasy football player who's looking for sleepers, for the enthusiast who likes breaking down the Xs and Os, and even for travelers who get stuck missing the games, the Game Rewind app will keep you engaged for an entire season, even on the days when there is no football.

Before you can download the app, you have to subscribe to a package first, so if you think you can't live without this for another minute, head over to to get started.

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