Amazon Announces New 2012 Kindle Lineup

Amazon unveils its new tablet and eReader lineup, priced to move.


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At a press conference today, Amazon unveiled its new Kindle Fire and eReader, available for pre-order today and shipping October 1st.

While the hype surrounding this event was certainly fueled by a few ad spots and wild speculation, the new Kindle lineup is finally here, and priced to move. The new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD are priced at $159 and $119 respectively.

First introduced was the new Kindle eReader, the Paperwhite, with its own version of a front-lit screen, and a capacitive touchscreen. Neither feature is truly groundbreaking, but the screen does sport 212 pixels-per-inch of density, and an allegedly smoother interface. It'll set you back $119 for the WiFi only version, and $179 for the 3G model. Additionally, there's a new $69 eReader, though without a touchscreen.

Now for the main event: the new Kindle Fireā€”or Fires, more appropriately. There will be two versions: a 7-inch, and an 8.9-inch model, the latter dubbed the Fire HD. Each boasts 1GB of RAM, a forward-facing camera, and a Texas Instruments OMAP 4470 quad-core processor. Amazon is looking to market "the best tablet at any price."

In particular, the specs for the Fire HD's screen are impressive, coming in at a resolution of 1200 x 1900 pixels, and a PPI of 254. Absolutely loaded with features like 4 speakers, dual WiFi antennas, and an expansion of Whispersync, the new Kindle Fire certainly impresses on paper, but it remains unclear how it will fare against the established tablet hegemony of Apple and Google.

To that end, Amazon has also debuted the Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE. With 32GB of storage and a 250MB data plan, 4G access is cheaper on the Fire HD with 4G LTE than any other tablet. This particular model will set you back $499 for the tablet, and $50 annually.

Check back in at for more information found from our scientific tests on the new tablets when they arrive in October and November.