Samsung Announces New Galaxy Tab

Not giving up on Android, Samsung announces a follow-up to its successful Galaxy Tab line.

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In a press release shipped out earlier today, Samsung announced a follow-up to its successful line of Galaxy Tabs, the Galaxy Tab 3. While it doesn't have super-beefy specs, it does seem to be loaded with features like a HSPA+ radio, a thin form factor, and decent file support.

Looking at the hardware, it's unclear what the price of the unit will be, but the smart money is on the more affordable end of things given that the spec list is fairly underwhelming. For example, the battery appears standard in size, the Android operating system is not the very latest, and the screen has a comparatively low pixel density.

There are two major iterations of the tablet scheduled for release: a WiFi-only version set to hit stores in May, and a 3G version set to follow in June. Each will be available in 8GB and 16GB flavors, but again, prices have not been released. For the curious, read the full press release on Samsung's website.

Image courtesy of Samsung Mobile Press releases.