This conductive ink pen makes your drawings light up because #science

It's lit fam

Thanks to this conductive pen, you can bring a child's drawing to life. Credit: Babyology

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I love to draw. I mean, I'm no Leonardo da Vinci, but I can sketch a decent picture of Sailor Moon. What can I say? It's therapeutic. Plus, Sailor Moon rocks. I’ve often wished I could make her tiara light up, though, and thanks to this conductive pen, now I can.

Enter Circuit Scribe, a cool pen that draws functioning circuits. The conductive ink inside the pen replaces the wires connecting different modules. These modules might light up or produce buzzing sounds. The Austin-based startup wanted to give consumers the "power of electricity without cumbersome wires that needed to be soldered." So, that's exactly what they did.

The maker kit includes a conductive pen, a steel sheet, eleven magnetic modules, a 9V battery, an instructional booklet, and other accessories. In other words, everything you need.

First, place a piece of printer paper over the steel sheet. Think of the paper as a base for the lights, buzzers, motors, and so on. Arrange the modules on the base and start connecting them with the pen. The silver-based ink acts as a conductor. Cool, right?

The magnetic modules have different functions. For example, the fan module blows a gentle breeze while the slider module adjusts the brightness of an LED or the volume of a buzzer. The possibilities are endless.

The mini kit, the latest product, currently retails at $9.99. If you're looking for something more advanced, there are bundles that range from $79.99 to $194.99. Circuit Scribe even offers classroom kits for educators as well.

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