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Almost everything about this TV is superb: It combines form and function into an impressive package that operates smoothly, with no noteworthy drawbacks.

You'll enjoy looking at the LM7600—even when it's off.

The LM7600 has a spare look, and looks to spare. It sits in unbezeled majesty atop a futuristic, curved stand. It is thin, lightweight, and smartly designed. It is also quite easy to put together. LG put a great deal of work into the exterior of these 2012 TVs, and it shows.

LG put a great deal of work into the exterior of these 2012 TVs, and it shows.

Like most modern televisions, the LM7600 features a set of manual controls and a decent array of connectivity options on the backside of the TV, leaving the entire front free of blemishes. It's also worth noting that this LG has four HDMI inputs. Splitter-adapted component/AV gives you some breathing room in determining how to connect your devices.

As expected, the LM7600 comes with LG's Magic Remote. The remote's motion-based design is very intuitive and LG's menu software—which I'll discuss below—is tailor-made to work in conjunction with it.

LG's Home Menu is a blue-ribbon source for apps and streaming content.

LG's menu software is perfectly paired with the Magic Remote. Whether you're adjusting picture settings, audio playback, or setting up a sleep timer, each of the necessary menu buttons are slightly larger and more stand-out than on non-LG TVs. This makes it easy to click and adjust using the on-screen cursor that's controlled by the Magic Remote.

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LG's 2012 smart platform, or Home Menu, is one of the best things about the LM7600 series.

LG's 2012 smart platform, or Home Menu, is one of the best things about the LM7600 series. It's stuffed full of apps and free 3D content, and it gives you access to the blue chip content providers that you're probably already using: Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu Plus, to name a few.

The Home Menu is easy to organize and features a smartly placed picture-in-picture, which allows you to hop in and fiddle with apps during a commercial break without missing whatever you're watching once it comes back on.

The LM7600 is a testament to LG's tradition of high-quality LCDs.

LG's LCD TVs have showcased consistently good quality this year. From the flagship LM9600 series down to the mid-range LS5700 series, LG has delivered consistently high picture quality in the most important areas: color, contrast, and motion.

This LG has a wider viewing angle and smoother motion performance than most LCDs in this price range.

The LM7600 is a testament to that expectation, showcasing a wide contrast ratio and accurate colors. We can't report any drawbacks about this picture quality—this LG even has a wider viewing angle and smoother motion performance than most LCDs in this price range.

LG features some of the best home 3D in the industry.

LG's TVs feature a passive 3D technology that looks great. Inside this TV's box are six pairs of passive 3D glasses. They're lightweight, comfortable, and even a little stylish in comparison to some of the clunkier shades from years past.

The 3D glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and even a little stylish.

Even better, the LM7600 makes use of LG's unique 3D tech to deliver full HD 3D that's immersive and crosstalk-free, without distorting the TV's color or contrast integrity. This applies to all of LG's 3D LCD TVs this year, and it's one of the LM7600's most praise-worthy features.

The LM7600's performance, complete with rich colors and top-notch features, is oozing with quality.

The LG LM7600 is a 1080p, edge-lit LED LCD that’s loaded with features—namely excellent 3D, a handsome and content-packed smart platform, and ample connectivity options. Its color accuracy and contrast spectrum proved spectacular in our tests, and looked just as good during 3D viewing.

With an MSRP of $1,949, the LM7600 isn't the cheapest TV on the market. However, if compared to LG's flagship model—the LM9600, which retails for around $3,000 and performs similarly—the LM7600 is easily the better buy.

The LG 47LM7600 is a solid performer. During our tests, it showed admirably consistent color accuracy, wide contrast ratio, and high quality screen performance. Its viewing angle and motion scores aren't perfect, but they are still above average. Below are explanations and visual descriptions of some of our lab tests.

For an LCD television, the LM7600 has an impressive black level.

The LG 47LM7600 tested with an excellent contrast ratio of over 3500:1. That’s roughly 3.5 times the “average” level, which promises ample dark-light differentiation for all kinds of contrast. Out of the three other LCDs we compared it to, the LM7600 scored with the largest maximum contrast ratio. It’s not super bright, yet bright enough to compete with a well-lit room, and plenty dark, too. More on how we test contrast.

The LM7600 tested with ideal color curves—a great result for any TV.

The LM7600 impressed us with its color curve results. The red, green, blue, and black lines show off how well it can produce the spectrum of colors and shades it's supposed to, and also how well it handles transitioning among them.

The uniformity and even ramping of these curves means that each of the 1,024 base colors/shades is accurately depicted, from the deepest shadow tones up to the brightest highlights. There's a touch of bumpiness towards the brightest edge of the input spectrum, but nothing that's going to substantially detract from viewing. More on how we test color performance.

To learn even more about this TV's day in the lab, take a stroll through the gallery.

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