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The Sony W850C series will strike the right balance with consumers who prize size, performance, and build quality over having every cutting edge feature imaginable. Case in point: This is one of the few premium 1080p TVs on the market these days. But by skipping 4K resolution, savvy shoppers are trading a feature that isn't very useful yet for one heck of a bargain.

While that was true of the 65-inch model that we tested in our labs, it's goes double for the 75-inch version, which you can pick up for right around $2,000. While you can read our full review of the Sony 65W850C to see our in-depth performance results, one thing is clear: if you want a big-screen TV without going bankrupt, this is one of the best options out there.

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Sony's Android TV gives you access to a huge variety of content. You won't get the entire Google Play store, but there's still more than enough to satisfy.

The W850C series is available in a 65-inch size (Sony KDL-65W850C, or Sony KDL65W850C) and a 75-inch size (Sony KDL-75W850C, or Sony KDL75W850C). The 65-inch retails for $1,899, but can be found online for about $1,500. The 75-inch retails for $2,999, but can be found online for about $1,999.

From the design, to the ports, to the Android TV platform, both sizes of the W850C are essentially identical. Both feature 3D functionality, 120 Hz refresh rates, and Full HD (1080p) resolution.

It's worth noting that while Amazon reports that the W850C models are "edge-lit," our findings during testing are that they're Direct (full) LED with frame dimming. This doesn't deliver quite the dynamic presentation of the best LED TVs on the market, but Sony's done superb job of ensuring that all the W850C series are well-calibrated out of the box, requiring minimal tuning—and potentially saving you the cost of a calibration if you're not too picky.

Our 65-inch W850C was purchased directly from Amazon and given roughly 24 hours to warm up and break in prior to testing and evaluation.

The are no significant differences between the 75-inch version of the Sony W850C series and 65-inch model that we tested in our labs, aside from size and price. It's important to recognize, however, that screen size itself can have a small impact on performance. While huge screens bring an undeniable immediacy to movies and sports, the pixels are more visible when you're sitting up close, which breaks the illusion. At normal viewing distances (10 feet or so) this isn't an issue, so you'll get to enjoy this behemoth in all its glory.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Lee Neikirk

The W850C exhibited excellent contrast and solid color accuracy, making a scene like this one look especially striking.

As with the Sony KDL-65W850C, which we reviewed at length, the 75W850C features the Android smart TV platform. We found that it was feature-packed, though it required quite a few updates that took some time and it's best suited to people who already utilize Android or other Google services.

But when it comes to the star of the show—that huge screen—the picture performance is outstanding. While the lack of 4K may be regrettable in a few years, for the time being there's hardly any actual 4K content anyway. In the short term, this 1080p set is ideally suited for everything from cable and satellite broadcasts to the latest streaming movies. If you want to dig into all the gory, nerdy details, head on over to our full review of the 65-inch W850C.

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