The 20 best holiday movies you can watch on Netflix, HBO GO, and Hulu

20 fabulous holiday films you can stream right now

Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

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They’re cheesy, they’re on all the time, and they’re never going away: Holiday movies.

As soon as Halloween ends, the “Holidays” begin. This means it's time to start scouring the internet for access to every single bell-ringing, snow-falling, heart-warming movie out there. To that end, we’ve compiled some of the best for you, from die-hard classics to modern day holiday rom-coms — as well as where to find them!


1. 12 Dates of Christmas

12 Dates of Christmas
Credit: ABC Family

You may not have heard of it, but this is probably one of the best Netflix Christmas movies. It’s got 4 stars and is actually funny.

2. The Search for Santa Paws

The Search for Santa Paws
Credit: Walt Disney Home Studios Entertainment

If you’re into puppies and Santa Clause, this will definitely be the right movie for you.

3. The Ref

The Ref
Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

For those of you who don’t want a sappy holiday film, this under-appricated 90s movie has got its fair share of dark comedy.

4. White Christmas

White Christmas
Credit: Paramount Pictures

This 1950s, feel-good romance comedy has got all the makings of a perfect holiday film: it’s funny, sweet, and oh-so-vintage.

5. Ernest Saves Christmas

Ernest Saves Christmas
Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

This 80s film is the perfect mix of screwball and sweet. It's also a great film to keep the kids entertained.

6. Love Actually

Love Actually
Credit: Universal Pictures

This is probably everyone’s favorite—slightly depressing but still adorably lovely—Christmas film.

7. Scrooged

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Best. Movie. Ever. Bill Murray as a grumpy TV exec haunted by the spirits of Christmas? Yes, please.


8. The Muppet Christmas Carol

A Muppet Christmas Carol
Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

What could be better than drinking egg-nog, stuffing your face, and watching the Muppets do A Christmas Carol? Basically nothing.

9. Home Alone

Home Alone
Credit: 20th Century Fox

If you don’t watch Home Alone at least once every three years, you have no soul.

10. Bad Santa

Bad Santa
Credit: Dimension Films

Bad Santa is definitely not for kids, but those willing to put up with it's pitch-black humor will find a surprisingly soft-center to this caustic Christmas classic.

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11. Gremlins

Credit: Warner Bros.Pictures

If you’re into creepy, dark, scary stuff, watch Gremlins. It’s got that holiday vibe, but it’s not all cute and sparkly.

12. Miracle on 34th Street

The Miracle on 34th Street
Credit: 20th Century Fox

Miracle on 34th Street is probably one of the most popular Christmas films of all time. It was made in 1947 but is eternally perfect. Warm and saccharine, with a drunk Santa.

13. The Grinch

The Grinch
Credit: Universal Pictures

This is a #1 classic for children.

14. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story
Credit: MGM/UA Entertainment Co.

This cult classic has become the de facto holiday film for many. On paper it might not sound all that amazing, but we promise it is.

15. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas
Credit: United Feature Syndicate

Skipping this masterpiece during the holidays would be a cold-hearted move.

16. Elf

Credit: New Line Cinema

If you like Will Ferrel, this is your film. It’s about a baby raised by an elf. Need we say more?

17. The Polar Express

The Polar Express
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Get your hot cocoa and a cozy blanket and enjoy this magical, tear-jerking Christmas classic.


18. A Fairly Odd Christmas

A Fairly Odd Christmas
Credit: Paramount Home Entertainment

in this TV movie, Santa is starting to doubt his faith in Christmas. Can it be restored? We think you know the answer.

19. Dear Santa

Dear Santa
Credit: Lifetime

This is a bad-girl-turns-good-for-Christmas, happy-ending film, and it’s probably best for the teens and adults in the house.

20. A Very Brady Christmas

A Very Brady Christmas
Credit: CBS Television Distribution

Need a hit of gooey nostalgia? This stars all the original cast of The Brady Bunch.

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