Amplify movie night with Amazon's deeply discounted soundbars

Ditch your basic TV speakers and upgrade your living room

Credit: Vizio

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Right now, you can get the Vizio SB2920-C6 on Amazon for a low price of $65.99, which is about as cheap as the soundbar has ever been. It's a 29-inch, 2.0 channel soundbar suitable for TVs in a wide range of sizes.

It's a simple and easy-on-the-eyes item with Bluetooth connectivity, but note that you won't get a subwoofer or the newer SmartCast system from 2016 here. This particular Vizio SB2920 model is sold directly by Amazon, too, which adds some welcome reliability.

Buy the Vizio SB2920, $65.99 (SAVE $6.87)

You could also spring for the SB3851, and 2016 model that's $100 off its usual price right now. If it seems pricy at $200, that's only because you haven't heard what's in the box: a buncha stuff.

With the SB3851, you get a fully SmartCast compatible speaker system, including a big 38-inch, 5.1 channel soundbar; two wired, rear tweeter speakers; and a wireless subwoofer. The whole thing creates a pretty formidable little surround sound system, and getting it for $200 is definitely a bit of a steal.

Just be aware that this deal is primarily from third-party sellers, and check buyer feedback judiciously.

Buy the Vizio SB3851, $200.83 (SAVE $99.16)

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