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Clash Of The OLED TV Titans

The best TVs we've ever tested go head to head.


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Color replaced black-and-white. Flat panels replaced boxy TV sets of yesteryear. Now, OLED TVs are here to take up the mantle of "latest and greatest."

Currently, two of these TV titans are battling it out for the market's #1 spot: Samsung's KN55S9C and LG's 55EA9800.

Both are available in 55-inch sizes only, and both are subtly curved. Both hail from brand-name South Korean companies, and both cost around $10,000. To say that there's something of a rivalry here would be an understatement.

What's the big deal about OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TVs? They provide improvements on almost all performance fronts: more color than ever before, perfect off-angle viewing, and the Holy Grail of picture quality—infinite contrast. Imagine shadows as dark as the far side of the moon, coupled with light output that rivals the sunshine pouring through your window.

Thus, the question on most minds is, "Which 55-inch curved OLED is best?" If you can tell, your eyes are sharp indeed—these next-generation forerunners look incredible, and both made short work of our laboratory test process. Here's hoping these titans bicker and brawl until their prices drop to sub-Olympus levels.

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