Samsung wants to help you stay fit while you're stuck at home

New free content from barre3, Calm, and more is available now

Credit: Samsung

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This morning, Samsung announced that it will be adding a suite of health and wellness apps to its smart TV lineup—especially great news for everyone stuck at home under lockdown.

The new suite of apps won't be available on Samsung's 2020 TV lineup until this summer, but they're allegedly available now on 2018 and 2019 models.

Here's what Samsung confirmed is included in the update:

  • barre3 — Users will be able to stream 50 free pieces of content focusing on strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness.

  • Fitplan — Users will have access to 6 plans and 50 classes, as well as access to 5 different trainers focusing on an "elite personal training experience."

  • Echelon — The Echelon FitPass app will give Samsung TV owners access to 20 free trial classes focusing on boutique rowing and cycling, strength training, boxing, Zumba, yoga, and more.

  • Jillian Michaels Fitness App — Samsung Smart TV users can now access a 28-day workout plan and free interactive daily workouts.

  • obé — Samsung users will get access to 20 free fitness classes—refreshed every two weeks—focusing on full-body workouts.

  • Calm — Samsung users can allegedly access all of Calm's mindfulness and mental-wellness focused content completely free.

How do I know if I have access?

Credit: Reviewed

A 2019 Samsung smart TV (pictured) will already give you access to the new apps.

It's true, TV model names can be confusing, but they usually are coded to be discernible at a glance. In Samsung's case, a "QN" means it's a QLED model, while a "UN" means it's a standard LED TV.

If you've got a 2018 Samsung smart TV, it'll have an "N" in the model name somewhere, like:

  • Samsung QN65Q9FN (This is a 65-inch QLED "Series 9" TV from 2018—the "F" means it's flat, not curved)
  • Samsung UN43NU6900 (This is a 43-inch LED "Series 6" TV from 2018)

If you've got a 2019 Samsung smart TV, it'll have an "R" in the model name, such as:

  • Samsung UN55RU7100 (This is a 55-inch LED "Series 7" TV from 2019)
  • Samsung QN65Q60RA (This is a 65-inch QLED "Series 6" TV from 2019—the "A" at the end means Alexa)

The new 2020 models won't be upgraded to add the new fitness content until this summer, but they have a "T" in the name, for example:

  • Samsung QN43Q60TA (This is a 43-inch QLED "Series 6" TV from 2020—again, the "A" means Alexa)
  • Samsung QN85Q90TA (This is an 85-inch QLED "Series 9" TV from 2020)

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