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You can still get awesome deals on the best TVs from 2018

If you're looking to save some dough on a new TV, check these out

Credit: Reviewed / Lee Neikirk

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The holiday season is a great time to upgrade your stuff—and that includes buying a new TV. But just because you want a new TV doesn't mean you need to buy a "new" TV.

While we're at the tail end of the 2019 production year and there's a bunch of great 2019 TVs on the market, if you want to find some deep discounts in time for the holiday season, you can still find 2018 TVs to buy. These are the best ones that are still available.


Credit: LG

LG's B8 series was the most affordable OLED you could get in 2018, and you can still find the 65-inch on sale for a very friendly price. While we didn't actually review it, we've reviewed almost every LG OLED to hit the market since 2015, and are reasonably assured that the B8 will deliver the same goodies that every other OLED TV does: incredible contrast, superb color saturation, and an overall beautiful picture quality.

If you've been thinking about grabbing up a big, premium OLED TV but don't want to spend oodles, this is a great option—and when it first debuted, it was $3,300.

Get the 65-inch LG B8 OLED from Amazon for $1,746.95

TCL 6 Series

Credit: TCL

TCL's 6 Series made a huge splash in terms of pure value-to-performance back in 2018, and you can still buy it even as we head into 2020. While TCL has a newer 6 Series on the market, the 2018 model still delivers 4K resolution, solid HDR performance, a built-in Roku streaming platform, and surprisingly good picture quality for what you're paying.

If you're looking for a great 55-inch TV, this one originally went for $800, but due to its 2018 status can be found for some serious discounts.

Get the 55-inch TCL 6 Series from Amazon for $529

Samsung Q9FN

Credit: Samsung

While this one is still a bit pricy, it's Samsung's QLED flagship TV for 2018, and it's just as impressive now as it was then. The "QLED" means it's equipped with quantum dots, a newer TV tech that add oodles of color to a TV's production abilities, and—combined with the Q9FN's super-bright backlight—makes for awesome HDR performance.

Naturally the Q9FN also gives you 4K resolution, and as usual Samsung paid a lot of attention to the TV's design details and extras, delivering a surprisingly thin and sleek TV that nevertheless delivers full-array local dimming, the best LED backlight tech out there. Considering this one was almost $4,000 when it launched, the price nowadays is quite agreeable.

Get the 65-inch Samsung Q9FN from Amazon for $1,599.95

TCL 5 Series

Credit: TCL

If you want to really save some dough, TCL's 5 Series was already a very affordable option back in 2018, so nowadays it's essentially dirt cheap. While the performance isn't jaw-dropping, you're still getting a 4K, HDR-ready Roku TV for what you're paying.

Back in 2018, our only real complaint about this one was that it wasn't terribly bright, and that's still true, but unless you're hungry for really solid HDR or are buying a TV for a bright room, it should fulfill its duty in saving you a lot of money on a good-sized 4K/HDR TV.

Get the 49-inch TCL 5 Series from Amazon for $299

Samsung NU6900

Credit: Samsung

If you're looking for a REALLY big TV, this 75-inch Samsung from 2018 might be the way to go. While it was never egregiously expensive, you were paying closer to $2,000 at launch. For that price, you were getting a massive TV with 4K resolution, HDR compatibility, and a sleek design for something so gargantuan.

You can find this one for about half of its original price these days, and while Samsung's 2018 "6 series" (from which this model hails) weren't groundbreaking in terms of picture quality back in 2018, they still looked good. Securing a TV this big for under $1,000 is likely the best price you're going to find right now for something that hasn't cut a ton of corners.

Get the 75-inch Samsung NU6900 from Amazon for $997.99

Vizio P-Series

Credit: Vizio

Vizio's 2018 P-Series TV was one of our favorites last year (though it wasn't on the level of the quantum dot-equipped P-Series Quantum). While this particular iteration of the 75-inch is a "renewed" version on Amazon, you're still getting a 90-day guarantee, and getting the biggest version of 2018's excellent P-Series at this price is pretty solid.

This TV delivers 4K resolution, HDR and Dolby Vision compatibility, an excellent local dimming system for its backlight processes, and one of Vizio's better TV designs in the last few years.

Get the 75-inch Vizio P-Series (renewed) from Amazon for $1,299.99