YouTube's Biggest Star Is a Mysterious Brazilian Woman

Who is DisneyCollectorBR, and how did she get so many viewers?


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If someone asked you what the most popular YouTube channel is, you’d probably (justifiably) bet it's a channel that has to do with video games or music. But that’s a wager you’d lose.

According to Tubefilter, a site that gathers and publishes YouTube video statistics, the most-watched channel for the past five weeks running belongs to an anonymous woman using the handle DisneyCollectorBR.

Her videos don’t feature video game commentary, booty dancing, or cute animals. Instead, she just unboxes and plays with children’s toys.

In all of her videos—which garnered a stunning 86.5 million views in the week ending October 31st alone—the mystery woman takes the toy out of its packaging, shows off its features, does the necessary assembly, and... that’s it. Unsurprisingly, children adore her, and parents seem to find her videos the perfect tool for pacifying little ones.

The mystery still lingers: Who is DisneyCollectorBR?

This built-in audience is probably the best explanation for DisneyCollectorBR’s enormous success. But another mystery still lingers: Who exactly is DisneyCollectorBR? Other YouTube celebrities, like PewDiePie and Freddie Wong, are far more up-front about who they are, but the world’s most-watched YouTuber remains incognito.

New Media Rockstars reported on the closet thing to a lead that’s surfaced: a blog comment by someone named “Daniel,” who claimed to know DisneyCollectorBR and identified her as a 44-year-old Brazilian woman living in Winter Park, Florida.

But despite that juicy lead, further research has been fruitless. No photos or social media pages turn up under DisneyCollectorBR's alleged real name, making identity confirmation virtually impossible. Despite the massive spotlight shining on her, DisneyCollectorBR remains firmly off the grid.

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Of course, none of that matters to the masses of toddlers who spend hours transfixed by her videos, which are providing the same child care service that TV cartoons did for previous generations of kids. Here’s hoping they turn out as bright and successful as we did.

Via: BuzzFeed

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